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Save 60% Right Now on This Early Prime Day Deal For the Amazon Echo Dot

You may own a few of them already, but there’s nothing wrong with adding another smart speaker to your home. That’s especially true when you can put them in places you wouldn’t think, like the bathroom, where they could potentially save lives. You may also want to buy one when there’s an incredible deal going on.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) was previously given a generous discount of 56% off just last month in June, but with Prime Day creeping up closer with each passing day, Amazon’s making sure its best selling smart speaker continues to be in the conversation. Right now, the Echo Dot (4th Gen) has a 60% off discount, but there are other bundles with attractive discounts to consider as well.

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Why The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker Is a Great Deal

Like we said, it’s the most affordable Echo smart speaker in Amazon’s lineup, but it’s being given a substantial discount as we speak. Here are all the reasons why you should snag this deal.

  • Originally $49.99, but now $19.99
  • Instant $30 savings
  • 60% off its regular price
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime members

In addition to just the smart speaker, Amazon’s having other bundle deals that packages the smart speaker with other smart home devices and accessories made specifically for it. Here are just some other bundles you should check out.


What We Love About the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot are the gateways to the smart home, providing users with the convenience to access and control all of their favorite smart home tech. Who doesn’t want to turn the smart lights off and on inside their home through voice actions? Plus, there are several funny things to ask Alexa if you need a good chuckle — or celebrity voices like Samuel L. Jackson. Don’t need the smart plug? You can snag the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) for just $28 right now.`

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What We Love About the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) With Clock

This particular version is wonderful for bedrooms, thanks in part to its compact size that makes it perfect for tighter spaces like a nightstand or nearby side table. If you also have an Alexa-compatible video doorbell, like the Ring Video Doorbell 4, you can use the Echo Dot to act as a chime whenever the doorbell is rung.

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If you have kids that love the Star Wars franchise, then consider getting the bundle that packages the Mandalorian Baby Grogu stand, also known as the adorable baby Yoda, for the smart speaker. It has the look and shape of the show’s most beloved characters and makes for the perfect bedside companion for any Star Wars fan.

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And lastly, we love that this Echo smart speaker doesn’t have the same scrutiny that security cameras face inside the home when it comes to privacy. In emergencies, these smart speakers could prove valuable in notifying you about potential break-ins and other threats with the help of Alexa Guard. There’s also its usefulness in providing elderly care through Amazon’s Alexa Together program, which helps users monitor their aging loved ones remotely.


What We Love About the Amazon Echo Glow

Lastly, there’s also the always handy Amazon Echo Glow. It’s the perfect bedside night light for kids because it can be set to change colors when bedtime nears. Alternatively, you can ease their waking up in the morning by setting an automation that makes it gradually brighter. Best of all, the fun design of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids makes it more ideal for children.

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