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The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums Take the Work Out of Cleaning

When it comes to smart robot vacuums, the list of options has exploded in recent years. No longer out of financial grasp for many homeowners and renters, robot vacuums can turn daily or weekly floor cleaning into a hands-free, effortless task. If you’re looking for a way to increase your user experience and go even longer without having to tend to your robot vacuum, it’s time to upgrade to a self-emptying robot vacuum. The best self-emptying robot vacuums are no longer novelties, and there are some seriously impressive — and expensive — machines in this category now.

A self-emptying robot vacuum differs from a traditional vacuum because it’s either sold with or can be paired with a large dustbin that can typically hold between 30- and 120-days’ worth of dust and debris picked up by the vacuum. After each use, the robot vacuum empties the contents of its small dustbin into the larger, contained dustbin, eliminating the need for users to empty the robot vacuum’s small receptacle after two or three uses.

Like all robot vacuums, the price points for self-emptying robot vacuums can vary widely depending on features. Below, we’ve included models that can hold between 30 and 120 days of dust and debris. We’ve also included options that combine vacuuming and mopping in one unit, which is ideal for users with multiple floor types, as well as vacuum-only models. All the options on our list come with apps that allow users to control their vacuum, including scheduling cleanings and marking no-go zones. Battery life also makes an impact on price and usefulness, with users who have large open floor plans likely more interested in models that have an extended battery life per charge.

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How We Choose the Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums

Choosing a robot vacuum can be tough because there are so many choices out there. So what sets a robot vacuum apart for us? A great robot vacuum has to have:

  • Powerful cleaning performance on all floor types
  • Easy-to-use app & technology
  • Side brushes for reaching corners and edges
  • Ability to clear taller flooring transitions
  • Obstacle avoidance or the ability not to get stuck
  • Cliff sensors to prevent falls
  • Efficient, easy auto-emptying
  • Ability to hold weeks or months’ worth of dirt in an auto-empty station
  • Bonus points for mopping capabilities
  • Bonus points for unexpected tech extras, like drying, voice localization, etc.

From pet owners to people who simply want to keep their floors as clean as possible, these self-emptying robot vacuums make it easy to clean your home with minimal trips to the garbage.

The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums at a Glance

  1.  Best Overall – Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 Omni
  2. Runner Up -Roborock S7+ Max V Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop
  3. Best vacuum-only -iRobot Roomba s9+
  4. Best for Pet Hair – Shark IQ Self-Empty Base Robot Vacuum
  5. Best for Carpet -Neabot Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin
  6.  Honorable Mention – Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner
  7. Best Bargain – Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum & Mop
  8. Runner Up, Best Bargain – Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  9. Best with Voice Control -iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO
  10. Best for Avoiding Pet Accidents – iRobot Roomba j7+

1. Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 Omni


Why We Chose It: With built in voice assistance, mapping, both vacuuming and mopping, plus superior cleaning and an attractive base station, this is the ultimate robot floor cleaner.

Who It’s For: Those with money to spend who want the absolute cleanest home from a robot vacuu,

Read the full review

One of the newest and best-looking self-emptying robot vacuums out today, the Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 Omni truly does it all. It vacuums, it mops with dual spinning scrubbing pads, then it will return to its base station where it will wash the mopping pads, dry them, then suck up all the dirty water and empty the onboard dustbin. This one stands out for us because it adds that drying to the mop, and because it has native language processing and its own intelligent digital assistant, Yiko. Plus it can use voice localization so that you can go to a spot in your home and call out to Yiko, and it can tell where you are and will roll on over to clean that space. Impressive.

The only downside is the mopping pads must be removed to vacuum carpets, perhaps making this a better choice for homes with more hard floors than carpet. But it’s all that extra technology (and the auto-drying!) plus a sleeker, chicer look for the home that makes it our top pick.

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Courtesy of Amazon


  • True all-in-one floor cleaner
  • Mops and vacuums
  • Nice design
  • Smart mapping
  • Voice control built in
  • Dries the mop too


  • Mopping pads must be removed to clean carpet
  • It’s big

2. Roborock S7+ Max V Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop


Why We Chose It: In our head to head tests this bot cleaned slightly less effectively than the X1, and it’s not quite as nice a design, but otherwise it’s self cleaning abilities and cleaning prowess is a close second.

Who It’s For: Homeowners with dirty or dusty floors that needs extra mopping power.

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It mops, it vacuums and it holds dirt and debris for up to 120 days, the longest of any self-emptying dustbin on our list. On top of all of that, this self-emptying robot vacuum can also wash the mop, and refill the clean water tank while holding dirty water for disposal. When it comes to a self-emptying vacuum that is worth the big bucks, we recommend investing in the Roborock S7+  Max V Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Auto-Empty Dock. SPY received one of the S7s, and we’ve been impressed with its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously without the need to frequently empty the dust bin.

Using Sonic Vibration Mopping Technology, the S7 Max V Ultra scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute and has no issues differentiating between carpeting and hard flooring. In fact, it can lift its mopping plate up and off carpets, then lower it back to wash both carpet and hard floors in the same session.

A Boost Mode allows users to increase suction when an extra-deep clean is needed and LiDAR Navigation with Adaptive Route Algorithms helps the S7 Max V Ultra find the most efficient cleaning route. Users can map multiple floor plans, identify no-go zones, and schedule cleanings. And with big tanks, you won’t need to manage maintenance for weeks or months.

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Courtesy of Roborock


  • Sonic vibrating mop for deeper cleaning
  • Effective multi-purpose bot; vacuum & mop
  • Self cleaning
  • Adjustable waterflow & suction
  • Lifting mopping plate


  • Design could be nicer

3. iRobot Roomba s9+


Why We Chose It: One of the icons of robot vacuum history, this bot is powerful, Plus iRobot practically invented smart mapping and it’s still one of the best.

Who It’s For: Owners who live in a home where there’s mostly carpet

Read the full review.

For a splurge-worthy self-emptying vacuum that will save your back and your floors, we recommend the iRobot Roomba s9+. The s9+ comes with a dustbin that can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris. As for the vacuum, the s9+ has been designed with 40x the suction power and a three-stage cleaning process that lifts and suctions dirt, debris, and hair from carpets and other floors. Unlike most vacuums that have a fully circular design, the s9+ has a half-circle, half-square design that allows the vacuum to clean deep into corners and not miss any spots.

Using the app, customers can set no-go zones and give voice-activated directions, like “Clean under the table.” The app also learns your cleaning patterns and suggests schedules. While the s9+ is a vacuum-only model and doesn’t include a mopping function, users can match cleaning schedules with the Bravaa jet m6 robot mop using Imprint Link Technology for a tandem cleaning team.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


  • Powerful vacuum
  • Gets into corners well
  • Smart mapping
  • Automatic emptying


  • No mopping

4. Shark IQ Self-Empty Base Robot Vacuum


Why We Chose It: What it lacks in looks it makes up for in its ability to power pet hair from floors of all kinds.

Who It’s For: Multi-pet homes

Having a robot vacuum is a great way to clean hands-free until it’s time to unwind all the hair that has been sucked up by your vacuum and is now entangled around the brush. Thankfully with the Shark IQ Self-Empty Base Robot Vacuum, the self-cleaning brush helps to remove pet and human hair, meaning no yucky jobs for you.

The Shark features a powerful suction that can pick up small and large debris and empties the contents into the self-empty base, which only needs to be emptied every 45 days. Users can map multiple rooms and schedule cleanings with the Shark app or use voice commands by pairing the unit with their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Dustbin holds a lot


  • Not the most attractive design

5. Neabot Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin


Why We Chose It: When carpets are your focus, you want a bit that can do the job. This vacuum bot is vacuum-only which allows it to prioritize carpeted homes and rugs.

Who It’s For: Shoppers looking to balance price with vacuum abilities

For a self-emptying vacuum that works hard to get floors clean and doesn’t take up much space, we like the Neabot Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin. The Neabot features a compact dustbin that can hold up to one month of dirt and debris and will send users a notification on their app when it’s time to empty the bin.

Using a Z-shaped pattern, the Neabot ensures that no area is left untouched. Thanks to three levels of suction power, the Neabot can handle small dust particles and large pieces of debris, including peanuts and nutshells. The Neabot is a vacuum-only model and doesn’t come with mopping capabilities, but this helps to keep the price down and makes it a great option for users who want a compact self-emptying vacuum.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


  • Cleans thoroughly
  • Self-emptying


  • No mopping

6. Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner


Why We Chose It: This bot does a lot and it’s effective. At a more affordable price point it boasts both mopping and vacuuming as well as its ability to self empty on the regular.

Who It’s For: Shoppers in the mid-to-higher price range who want powerful mopping and vacuuming, but don’t need the self-cleaning

Not all self-emptying vacuums can pull double duty as both a vacuum and a mop, but the ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is one of the units that can do both jobs and boasts one of the more affordable price points in the market. The Ecovacs keeps dust and dirt contained in a disposable dust bag for up to 30 days, with a high-efficiency air filter helping to keep the air around your vacuum’s dust bin clean from loose debris.

The Ecovacs will automatically detect when it switches from carpet to hard floors and will map the area for both mopping and vacuuming. Using 2600Pa suction, the Ecovacs draws dirt and debris out of carpet and flooring while keeping noise pollution to a minimum. Laser-based 3D technology helps the Ecovacs avoid objects and decreases the chances of getting stuck under furniture. We also like that it uses laser-based LiDAR navigation to find the most efficient route when in use.

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Courtesy of Amazon


  • Excellent cleaning
  • Vacuums and mops
  • Automatic emptying


  • Lower suction than some other bots

7. Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum & Mop


Why We Chose It: With a long 200-minute runtime and powerful 3,000 pascals of vacuum suction, this budget bot is a powerhouse.

Who It’s For: Those in larger homes, with no time to wait for a recharge

It handles both vacuuming and mopping so your floors get a wet and dry deep clean. With ultrasonic carpet detection sensors, Yeedi Vac Station avoids mopping when a carpet is detected. It has smart mapping that lets you schedule and customize cleaning, plus the dust bag holds up to 30 days of dirt. Perfect for families with pets and kids, this is a true do-it-all bot at a steeply discounted price.

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Courtesy of Amazon


  • Good cleaner
  • Long runtime
  • Carpet detection & avoidance
  • very affordable do-it-all bot


  • Mopping tank on the smaller side

8. Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Why We Chose It: Admittedly, there are no inexpensive self-emptying robot vacuums, but there are some that are slightly less expensive and still deliver plenty of bells and whistles that customers will love. We mean you, Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Who It’s For: Budget-conscious shoppers

The unit does not come with the Automatic Dust and Dirt cleaner, but it can be purchased separately for $99, which still holds the Proscenic below most price points for other self-emptying vacuums.

The Proscenic features its own multi-floor mapping app that also allows users to turn their vacuum on from anywhere, check their cleaning history and customize no-go zones. A two-in-one system, the Proscenic offers both vacuuming and mopping and can differentiate between carpets and hard floors. Built with a 5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery, the Proscenic can clean for 150 minutes on a single charge, enough to cover a 300 square meter home. The smart vacuum can detect when it’s over top of the carpet and will automatically increase its suction power, making this a great option for pet owners who are tired of hair everywhere.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


  • Carpet detection
  • Vacuum & mopping


  • Auto-empty base sold separately
  • Lesser known brand

9. iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO


Why We Chose It: If you want the best of a robot vacuum’s smarts without the pricetag, this version from iRobot will check most of the boxes.

Who It’s For: Those looking for the Roomba name, with lots of smarts, but at a lower price

Read the full review

Start cleaning with a simple voice command using the iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO, which can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation. Made with dual multi-surface rubber brushes, the i3+ is great for picking up dog and cat hair and has an anti-tangle design that users will appreciate. Pet owners will also like that the Roomba’s High-Efficiency Filter can trap up to 99% of all dog and cat dander and only has to be emptied every 60 days. The three-stage cleaning system and 10x powerlifting suction are great for wood, ceramic, tiled and carpeted floors.

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Courtesy of Amazon.


  • Cleans well
  • Nice design
  • Lower cost
  • Auto-emptying


  • Obstacle avoidance lacking
  • Vacuum only

10. iRobot Roomba j7+


Why We Chose It: iRobot’s newest bot, the company has improved hazard recognition big-time, and made a slightly more steraeamlined base too. Plus it’s one of the only robot vacuums that can identify and avoid pet accidents.

Who It’s For: Homeowners with pets prone to accidents in the house

Read the full review

When searching for a robot vacuum, customers likely want a unit that can pick up all dirt and debris. Well, almost all. The iRobot Roomba j7+ uses P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise) which means it’s built with a smart sensor that is designed to identify pet poop and avoid it, helping to ensure customers don’t find an even bigger mess than the one left by Fido. Pet owners will also appreciate the vacuum’s 10x power cleaning suction which is great for getting hair out of the carpet. Not only does it avoid pet waste, but the smart vacuum also recognizes cords and avoids them, saving users the hassle of doing a sweep through their cleaning area before turning on the vacuum. The j7+ empties itself after 60 days and keeps dust and debris securely contained with enclosed bags in the Clean Base. Customers can use the Roomba app to map their area, schedule cleanings and more.

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Courtesy of Amazon


  • Cleans well
  • Avoids pet poop
  • Shorter more attractive design
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance & hazard recognition


  • Pricey
  • No mopping (must purchase separate iRobot bot)

Take The Work Out Of Cleaning With A Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum