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This Tiny Sensor Can Instantly Transform Your Air Conditioner Into a Smart One

Have you ever dreamed of having a smart air conditioner? It’s the last step for most homes; after all, central HVAC is pretty effective, especially when paired with a smart thermostat. That said, smart window units can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you have one that works fine the way it is.

The Sensibo AirQ is a smart air-conditioner controller with a built-in air quality sensor. It can transform your existing AC into a smart one, much like Chromecast transforms a regular TV into a smart one. Plus, it can tell you if the air in your home stinks or not.


What We Love About the Sensibo AirQ

The most appealing part of the Sensibo AirQ is its ability to monitor your home’s temperature and air quality straight from your phone. You can turn the AC up or down depending on your needs, which helps you cut back on energy bills — a significant perk right now. You can schedule up to seven days, receive filter cleaning alerts, and even create geofencing parameters.

The AirQ also alerts you to what’s in your air. This might not always be the most fun knowledge, but it helps pinpoint the source of indoor air pollution. It looks for CO2 levels, VOCs, temperature and humidity. A sudden spike in indoor pollutants can point to a need to clean or an air filter that needs replacing.

Knowing the air quality in your home can also be beneficial if you have pets or plants. Monitoring the temperature is critical if you’re trying to grow some of your favorite vegetables indoors or when your pets are home alone.

The best part about the Sensibo AirQ, at least in our opinion, is its versatility. It isn’t limited to window units. It works with Split ACs, mobile AC units, window units and even central HVAC systems. Furthermore, you’ll save money because you won’t be forking over a huge sum of money to buy a new air conditioner that can be controlled remotely.


Sensibo AirQ Pricing and Availability

The Sensibo AirQ is available for purchase from Amazon for $159, and a $10 coupon can be applied at checkout.

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Looking for a Cheaper Solution for Portable Air Conditioners?

Previously, SPY’s Special Projects Editor Tyler Schoeber wrote about how he turned his portable air conditioner into a smart AC with nothing more than an Amazon smart plug. While the Sensibo AirQ is a great option for larger appliances, a simpler smart plug is an alternative worth considering, especially for portable air conditioners. At $25, it’s an affordable air conditioning hack that can cut down on energy costs.

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY


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