This Smart Toilet Assistant Wants to Make Scrubbing Toilets a Thing of the Past

shine bathroom assistant
Courtesy of Shine
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In case you missed it, it’s finally 2021, and that means that anything can be a smart home device… even your toilet.

That was not a typo, and we’re not talking about some kind of luxury bidet. Smart toilet technology is very real, thanks to the Shine Bathroom Assistant. But this is a good thing as far as we’re concerned, because Shine wants to make sure you never have to scrub a toilet bowl again.

shine smart toilet cleaner Courtesy of Shine

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, this connected hub sits on top of your toilet with a sensor that connects to the rim of the toilet bowl and one that connects to the toilet’s water line. That means the Shine Bathroom Assistant can detect when the toilet needs to be cleaned and when it’s malfunctioning.

To clean your bowl, the hub is integrated with a reservoir that uses a pod to electrolyze your tap water. From there, it uses a tube to run that water into your bowl which it can dispense as needed with a spray.

shine smart toilet cleaner Courtesy of Shine

This electrolyzed water is the magic behind the Shine product, and Shine claims that it’s more effective at cleaning and deodorizing a toilet than your standard bowl cleaners. Plus, it won’t kill your dog who loves to drink out of the toilet.

shine smart toilet cleaner Courtesy of Shine

But more than just a toilet bowl cleaner, the Shine can also monitor your toilet’s status, giving you real-time metrics on how much water the toilet is using every month. If the toilet is leaking, continuously running or otherwise malfunctioning, Shine will also alert you via its app. And if your toilet needs repairs, Shine’s live support can connect with you through the app and even send you the replacement parts you need.

If you’re interested in checking the Shine Bathroom Assistant out, you can snag one for $125, which also includes 6 cleaning pods for the hub.


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