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First Look: Sleep Number’s New Smart Bed Tries To Justify $10k Price Tag With Built-In Cooling

Known for its line of adjustable mattresses, Sleep Number’s latest smart bed certainly catches our attention for its $9,999 price. It doesn’t come cheap and definitely requires your due diligence to determine if it’s worth buying. However, it does address one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the sleeping space — staying cool while you sleep.

What’s really neat about the Sleep Number Climate 360 smart bed is that it addresses the issue of being too warm or cold while sleeping. It may not seem problematic, especially how the market has been flooded by cooling sheets, pillows, and even mattress toppers that act like an air conditioner, but Sleep Number’s solution does something you won’t get in the other alternatives — it’ll give sleepers their own personal microclimate.

Smart beds are still a relatively new invention, and besides bringing hospital bed-like adjustments to the bedroom, we haven’t seen a ton of innovation in this space yet. However, a temperature-controlled bed is a genuine step forward, even if its price tag is totally unrealistic for the average household.

We got our first look at the Sleep Number Climate 360 very recently and we have to admit that we felt optimistic about its promise to give people a deeper, more restful sleep.

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed First Look


Never Worry About Feeling Hot Or Cold

One of the biggest selling points about the new Sleep Number Climate 360 smart bed is its ability to adjust its temperature. We’re talking about individual control for the entire smart bed, so you can have your side of the bed set to one temperature — while your sleeping partner can relax to their own, personal setting.

Rather than keeping the entire bed at a set temperature, we love how each side can be regulated separately. Why’s this important? Well, that’s because temperature during sleep can be problematic according to Sleep Number’s survey — with about 80% of couples reporting that one, or both partners sleep too hot or cold.

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed First Look

Even better is the fact that the new Sleep Number Climate360 will automatically adjust itself to keep your preferred temperature throughout the night. When we laid down on the bed, we noticed that warm air was blowing out of the bed, while the cooling effect was achieved by sucking the body heat through the bed and dissipating it around the surrounding area underneath.


Sleep Information Is Power

In the last few years, there have been a barrage of bedding products aimed at keeping sleepers comfortable while in bed. Cooling sheets, memory foam cooling pillows, and even cooling mattress toppers have been tailored to tackle this problem.

SleepIQ App

Take the latter for example. If you look around and do some research, you’ll find a handful of cooling mattress toppers that are priced anywhere from $100 at the low end for a basic foam topper, to elaborate solutions like the $600 ChiliSleep Ooler Sleep System that relies on water flow for its cooling effect. Although, the price is only for a half queen bed, so you’d have to buy another to cover it completely.

Sleep Number’s Climate360 smart bed is still undeniably more costly, but it does come with a smart adjustable base. Meaning, it has the ability to adjust to raise your legs, head, and whatever combination to fit your needs. For snorers, it’s handy at gently raising their head while they’re sleeping to stem the snoring.

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed First Look

And lastly, it features several sensors that track your sleep and other health metrics — to deliver
a proper sleep score. For example, you’ll understand the importance of heart rate variability when it comes to sleep. These sensors all work to inform you about your sleep, as well as making recommendations in the Sleep Number app on how you can improve it.


The True Cost of A Sleep Number Adjustable Smart Bed

Obviously, there’s a high price to pay here. We’re not denying the fact that it’s costly, which at $9,999 for the queen size may seem outrageous. However, you really need to understand the true cost of a Sleep Number adjustable smart bed.

Consumers nowadays are quick to shell out $1,000 for today’s flagship smartphones. Even more revealing is how innovative smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 fetch for $1,800. Even as consumers spend that kind of money on smartphones, they may still complain about forking over $500 for a mattress.

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed First Look

According to the Sleep Foundation, 35.2% of all adults in the U.S. report having less than seven hours per night on average. That’s a key statistic because we take that time for granted and people think there’s no physical, productivity aspect to sleeping. Nevertheless, there’s more to the Sleep Number Climate360 than its price.

For starters, you have to bear in mind how infrequent people have to buy beds. Unlike smartphones that tend to be swapped out for newer models after a couple of years, mattresses are long term investments that could easily last decades. That’s why It also helps that Sleep Number offers a 15-year limited warranty on its smart beds. Yes, you read that right — 15 years of coverage that ensures peace of mind sleep.

When you add up all of these factors on top of the technology behind its beds, it does tell us the true cost of a Sleep Number smart bed. Now that heating and cooling is an available feature, it further cements its value in the household.

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed


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