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Brighten Up Any Home With This 10-Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs With 32% Off

This awesome pack of smart bulbs is down from $58.99 to $39.99, which is a solid 32% reduction, and comes with 10 smart bulbs. All of them are packed with useful features, and work with Alexa and Google Assistant, making them an easy fit into the majority of smart homes, and an excellent way to improve the lighting around the house with one simple purchase.

Using the smart assistants allows the user to change the bulbs light intensity, the color, or set up routines and schedules. They can also be controlled not only by voice commands, but also using the Tuya Smart App, and they can save a fairly large amount of energy too, as they’re 9W bulbs, but can emit a good amount of light with a lot less power. These are the same kinds of features that can be found on the best smart bulbs, so it’s easy to see this pack as a great deal.

These smart bulbs can be placed in just about any room, and the schedule feature is excellent for a little bit of extra safety at home. They can be combined with the best security cameras for a peace of mind that’s hard to beat. It’s also just nifty being able to change the vibe of a room with a voice command.

$39.99 $58.99 32% off

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These bulbs can display a staggering number of colors, can be controlled with the user’s voice, work with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and can even be put on a timer or schedule. Plus, because it’s a 10-pack, it means that each individual bulb is only $4 a piece, which is an incredible price, and means a single purchase can pretty much fill a home.