You’d Be a Fool Not To Invest In One Of These Smart Locks

You'd Be a Fool Not To

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Technology is continuing to advance every day to make our lives easier. Our watches can record our heart rates, our phones can order just about anything on the planet, our lights can dim themselves, our kitchens can practically cook without us, and soon our cars won’t even need us to steer. But even with all these incredible achievements in everyday life, one truth remains – we still are human and humans forget their keys. D’oh.

Few events elicit the type of deep stomach drop as returning home only to realize that your keys are not with you. Maybe you just finished a long day at work, maybe you’re returning home from a trip, maybe you have a screaming baby, or maybe you really need the bathroom. Forgetting your keys and finding yourself locked out rarely comes at a convenient time, and it usually costs big bucks, whether it’s gas in the car to go back to wherever you left your keys or a frantic call to a locksmith who charges a hefty fee to let you into your own home.

Thankfully, there are now smart locks aka the thing you’re going to really, really regret not having purchased and installed the next time you lock yourself out of your home. And there will be a next time. There’s always a next time.

We’ve included three styles of smart locks below, from the high tech August, which works with your phone and enables you to control your door from anywhere in the world, to the more straightforward Kwikset and Schlage, which uses a simple code you set yourself to unlock your door. All three smart locks are designed to work with standard deadbolt doors, making installation quick and easy. You know quick and easy. They’re two words we wouldn’t use to describe waiting for a locksmith.

Check out these three great options for smart locks. Your future self with thank you.

1. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Stop carrying keys and unlock and lock your door from anywhere in the world with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, ideal for users with children, guests, and anyone who wants to monitor the activity of their door.

Pros: Using your phone and the August DoorSense app, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect easily fits over your existing deadbolt and enables users to enter their home with their key or app, a great option for anyone with kids, guests, or someone who is prone to forgetting their keys. The DoorSense app can tell you when your door is and isn’t locked, open and lock it from anywhere in the world, lock the door automatically when you leave, and unlock your door when you arrive home and come within range of your WiFi. August also works with Alexa’s voice commands and you can track the activity of your door with a 24/7 Activity Feed, a great option for anyone who rents their home and wants to make sure their children, guests or elderly relatives arrive safely.

Cons: Some customers complain that the door will automatically unlock if your phone is in your pocket when you are standing near the door and inside your home if you have Auto Unlock enabled (it’s not enabled by default). If users have an issue with this function, they need to report it to August Home who will address the issue.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

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2. Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Never get locked out again with the Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, which gives users the option to lock and unlock their door with a key or an access code, with the Schlage comfortably fitting over your existing deadbolt.

Pros: The Schlage eliminates the need for keys and ensures you and your loved ones won’t be locked out. The access code is easy to use and doesn’t rely on the user having their phone, like the August Smart Lock. The keypad is backlit to make it easy to see even at night and uses premium metal for durable and attractive construction.

Cons: The Schlage has a red warning light that tells users when batteries are running low, but if the batteries aren’t replaced in time and you don’t have your key with you, the lock is tough to remove.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

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3. Kwikset Contemporary Electronic Keypad

Go keyless with the Kwikset Contemporary Electronic Keypad, which has one-touch locking, easy installation, and automatic door locking after a preset amount of time for peace of mind.

Pros: Easily to fit on standard door locks, the Kwikset has six customizable user codes and allows for five consecutive incorrect entries before the system locks for 45 seconds. We like that the Kwikset has the option to create temporary codes that can only be used once, perfect for when you need to let workers into the home. Users can set the auto-lock between 10 and 99 seconds as a backup, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. This also allows time to go back into the home without pushing in the keycode.

Cons: Customers note that setup and programming can be tricky and buttons must be pressed at medium speed when entering the code for the lock to recognize the numbers.

Kwikset Contemporary Electronic Keypad

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