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Save Money, Time and Water With These Smart Sprinklers

Maintaining a lawn, especially a big one, is difficult. The impulse to constantly water is an understandable one, but it’s one that is neither good for the grass nor the environment. In fact, the majority of lawns need to be watered at most twice a week. Infrequent but thorough watering encourages the roots to grow deeper, and this makes for a healthier lawn. Also, watering in the morning is best. The water won’t evaporate as quickly in cooler temperatures, and a damp lawn will be better equipped to deal with direct sunlight as the day progresses. The evening is not an ideal time to water, however, because the lawn will stay wet for too long.

That may seem like a lot to remember, especially considering the million other things the average person has to remember. If you have flowerbeds or parts of the lawn that receive different amounts of sunlight, your grass will require even more care and attention. While you may have your entire house connected to a smart home system, you might not have considered managing your outdoor property the same way. Smart sprinkler controls, which connect through your phone, allow you to have a perfect lawn with minimal effort.

1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler system is certified by the EPA, which in certain areas may qualify buyers for a rebate. It allows you to customize water levels depending on what your lawn needs, and can even adapt to real-time wind and rain conditions. Plus, it can be installed without expert help.

Pros: Smart weather adaptability, can be connected through multiple systems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Nest.

Cons: A few found the connectors difficult to install.

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2. RainMachine Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

RainMachine’s smart sprinkler system has by far the sleekest looking app and console, which is a small bonus for something you may be using daily. It is EPA certified, and provides updates on weather from trusted meteorological services like NOAA.

Pros: Unlike the other options, the console itself has a touchscreen display, allowing for easy manual adjustment without using the app.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.


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3. Orbit B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

Like the other options on this list, Orbit’s smart sprinkler system is EPA certified. The console is covered by a sturdy plastic case, making it a good option for outdoor installation. What the console lacks in looks, it makes up for in functionality; it can be used to manually control the sprinklers when the WiFi cuts out.

Pros: Affordable, Apple and Android app connectivity in addition to manual controls.

Cons: Some options have wider compatibility.

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