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Last Chance: Order Fios High-Speed Internet and Get a Year of Amazon Prime on Verizon

What’s better than signing up for the top-rated home internet service? How about signing up for Verizon Fios and getting an entire year of Amazon Prime as a thank you gift.

All you need to do to take advantage of this incredible deal is sign up for the Verizon Fios’ Gigabit high-speed internet plan, which delivers near-Gigabit speeds into your home for $79.99 a month, before July 21. To sweeten the deal, Verizon will also throw in a 4th-generation Amazon Echo Dot. That’s right, you get a free smart speaker, too.

On its own, this is a strong deal considering that you’re getting roughly $170 in free swag (which is roughly two months of gigabit service from Fios). But if you don’t already have Amazon Prime, there’s so much more money you’ll be saving when you consider the free two-day shipping.


Why Switch To Verizon Fios?

You might be wondering how you’d benefit from switching internet providers, and the answer is simple. Verizon Fios is not only considered to be the best ISP by many reviewers, but it also runs on state-of-the-art fiber optic lines which benefits you in a few ways.

  • More Reliable Internet Service: First you’ll have an internet connection that is less likely to suffer from slowdowns or lag, and that’s not just because you’ll have insanely fast Gigabit speeds. Because fiber-optic lines use light instead of electricity to transmit data, it’s less susceptible to interference. And it’s also able to transmit more data at once compared to a phone or cable line. If you’re a gamer or someone who streams a ton of 4K content, you know how brutal a slow connection can be.
  • Faster Upload Speeds: Verizon Fios also has faster upload speeds. Not just slightly faster, but insanely faster than the competition. When you sign up for the $79.99 Gigabit plan, you can get max upload speeds up to 880 mbps, which is nearly as fast as the download speeds. Compare that to other ISPs, which offer upload speeds well under 100 mbps and the difference is clear. And for those of you making the permanent transition to working from home, the more bandwidth you have for video conferencing and uploading large files to the cloud, the better.
  • Customer Service That Is Actually Helpful: Nobody wants to deal with an ISP that, when your internet goes down, makes you wait on the phone for an hour only to tell you that they have no idea what’s going on. And should there be any issues with your Fios internet, Verizon makes it easy to get in contact with someone who can actually help you.
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And in case you need a personal recommendation, we’ve got that, too. Last year, when the Spy team was working from home full-time, more than one of our editors made the switch to Verizon Fios for the faster, more reliable connection. And it was worth every penny.

But don’t let us be the only ones to convince you: Whether it’s a customer satisfaction survey or a review from U.S. News, Verizon Fios routinely tops the list of the best internet service providers. And that’s not just because it outperforms the competition, but also because Fios won’t lock you into an annual contract, or sneak up on you with surprise monthly fees.

And if you’re still the type to have a phone line and a cable plan, Verizon makes it easy to bundle your Fios internet together with voice and TV plans that will ensure you stay connected to the world and entertained at all times.

So if you not only want reliable, blazing-fast internet, but a whole year of Amazon Prime then don’t hesitate to take advantage of this unique offer, because even if the excellent Fios service will always be offered by Verizon, the extra Amazon perks won’t be sticking around after July 21.