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Lights, Camera, Doorbell: Vivint Launches New Lineup of Smart Home Security Products

Vivint has long been one of the leaders in the home security market, but now the company is taking another step forward with a new and updated lineup of smart home security devices. Leading the charge are the new Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, the Indoor Camera Pro and the Vivint Spotlight Camera Pro. Best of all, two out of the three devices are available for purchase right now.


What We Love About the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro improves upon the company’s existing doorbell. It keeps the best features of the existing model but adds improvements like an on-device SD card that allows for 24/7 local storage. Not only does this mean better data security, but it gives you more options for accessing any footage the camera captures. It’s like having a DVR built into your video doorbell camera.

In addition, almost all of the camera’s components have been updated. The camera sensor gives better HDR and nighttime resolution, while the CVC has better recognition of people and objects. Even the LED is brighter.

An update that hasn’t quite made its way to the Doorbell Camera Pro, but is scheduled to release soon is Package Detection — it will soon be able to track the full lifecycle of a package, from the time it arrives on your doorstep to when it leaves, whether that’s from you taking it inside or someone taking it off your porch.

Vivint Doobell Camera Pro


What We Love About the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Like the Doorbell Camera Pro, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro keeps the features of the prior model and adds on even more options, including onboard video storage and improved detection features and image clarity. However, the most impressive upgrade is compatibility with a brand-new Vivint product: the Vivint Spotlight Camera Pro, which is a strong contender as one of the best outdoor security cameras out there.

Outdoor Camera Pro


What We Love About the Spotlight Camera Pro

This accessory is brand-new to the Vivint family but is something that has been a long time coming. It comes out of the gate with the impressive Deter Mode feature; rather than shining a light across a wide area, the Spotlight Camera Pro can target and highlight motion and track it across its field of view. It pins any movement with a bright light that not only draws attention to it but also lets the target know it has been spotted.

When Deter Mode is deactivated, the Spotlight Camera Pro can still track motion across the yard — but it does it with softer, more ambient light to guide someone as they walk and light their path. The camera also gives you the option to set up exclusion zones, adjust the lighting settings, and much more.

Spotlight Camera Pro


What We Love About the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro

Once again, like the other options, the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro is essentially an upgrade of the previous generation. It adds a host of new features, including an audio analytic feature that monitors for the sound of breaking glass or a beeping CO2 alarm. It also has improved image quality and onboard storage options.

Aside from the audio analytics, the best new feature of this indoor security camera is the fully articulated hinge that allows for more flexible placement options throughout your home.

Indoor Camera Pro


Pricing and Availability

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is $250, while the Outdoor Camera Pro is $400. Both products are available now.

The Spotlight Camera Pro will be available later in July for $250, while the Indoor Camera Pro will be available at an unspecified date later this year for $200.

If you would prefer to invest in a starter kit, you can purchase one for $599, with a monthly monitoring plan starting at $20 per month. Just know that these new home security products exclusively work with Vivint’s home security system, so you’ll be required to sign up for a subscription in order to use them. Unlike other home security systems, Vivint offers professional installation on all of its products.


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