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Price Drop: This Is Now the Cheapest Smart Plug on Amazon — Just $6 for a Limited Time

SPY editors know a thing or two about where to find the top items at the best prices when it comes to smart home devices. Whether smart hubs, the best smart bulbs for home or the best smart plugs, we’ve always got you covered.

During Prime Day and Black Friday, we witnessed many of these products’ prices drop to their lowest, but just when we thought we’d seen it all, a new deal on a Vont Smart Plug revealed a lower smart plug price than ever before. Today, shoppers can get a Vont Smart Plug for just $5.99 at Amazon.

That’s right, a smart plug for less than $6! This deal applies only to the single-pack Vont Smart Plug. Before this, the lowest we’d seen was a 4-pack of Kasa Smart Plugs for $24.99, which brings them to $6.25.

If you’re unfamiliar with smart plugs, this is your opportunity to learn and upgrade your dwelling amidst the rise of smart home technology. With a small investment into a smart plug, you can turn traditional lighting and small appliances into smart appliances. You can control the devices plugged into them, such as lamps, coffee makers and flat irons, from your smartphone or via voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Some smart plug options, like the Vont Smart Plug, feature advanced scheduling so you can turn lights on and off at predetermined times, potentially reducing power consumption and your electric bill.


Vont Smart Plug, 1 Pack

With this simple-to-use smart plug, you’ll be able to turn your home into a smart home instantly. It inserts into your existing outlet, working to control devices around your home through smart hubs like Alexa and Google Assistant. An associated Vont Home app allows you to control anything plugged into the outlet remotely as long as it’s on a reliable WiFi connection. At the same time, the timer and group feature gives you the power to create schedules and routines for your devices. Each plug is sleek and compact, leaving space for other cords or smart plugs to be plugged in.

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