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You’ll Shine Brightly With Walmart’s $25 Deal for the Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Wake up in style with this fantastic deal from Walmart that bundles together the Lenovo Smart Clock Gen 2 and a color-changing smart LED light bulb. This is an irresistible offer because you’re getting two devices for $25, which makes for the perfect bedside companion when you’re getting up in the morning or hitting the bed at night.

On its own, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 normally retails for $70. That’s not too shabby, considering that it features a 4-inch color touchscreen and effectively functions like any other smart speaker you’ll find out there. It means you’ll be able to play music, ask Google Assistant questions, and control all of your smart home tech through voice commands. For example, you can use it to live stream a security camera or video doorbell, so you don’t have to get out of bed to see what’s up. And yes, it makes for a handy alarm clock to set alarms.

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Courtesy of Walmart.

Of course, not only are you paying half its original cost, but this deal is basically netting you a free color-changing LED light bulb from Lenovo. You can set it up to coincide with your alarms, such as turning on whenever your alarm goes off in the morning — as well as slowly dimming at night right before your expected bedtime. Regardless of how you’ll use it, there’s no denying the value you’re getting by shelling out $25 for this deal.

If you’re looking for some good uses for the Lenovo Smart Clock 2, then check out some of our recommendations below.


Use it as a baby monitor

With a compatible Google Assistant security camera, like the Wyze Cam V3, you can turn the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 into a baby monitor of sorts to see in an instant what’s going on in your child’s room or crib. This means less shuffling out of bed for you because you’ll be able to see the feed in real-time.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Broadcast voice messages throughout your home

Are you ready for bed, but maybe the kids aren’t? You can quickly announce it’s time for bedtime and tell the kids to shut off their devices by broadcasting voice messages throughout Google Assistant-powered smart speakers, like the Nest Mini, throughout your home, so you don’t have to get out of bed.

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Wirelessly charge your smartphone

Did you know that there’s an accessory specifically for the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 that’ll allow you to charge your smartphone wirelessly? There is a specific bundle that includes a charging dock dedicated to charging your mobile devices wirelessly.

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Courtesy of Best Buy.