5 Best Multi-Room Speakers That’ll Carry Sound From Room to Room

Marshall multiroom speaker
Courtesy of Marshall

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Times have changed, and your speakers should too. Multi-room speakers let you control your stereo sounds via smartphone or tablet and are the next step in digital audio technology. Once you set them up, you can (figuratively) raise the roof from literally anywhere—as long as you have WiFi. 

You can play different songs on each speaker, or you can group them together to create a whole new smart stereo system. By syncing these handy Bluetooth speakers to your device(s), you’re able to easily and conveniently adjust your volume levels, hit the bass, and scroll through your latest Spotify party list without ever having to leave the couch.

Whether you’re planning a party or are simply looking for your next big speaker fix, we’ve rounded up our five favorite options on Amazon. Our list features a range of different styles and sizes, so take a look and see which models tickle your fancy.

1. Sonos Play:1 Multi-Room Digital Music System Bundle


The ultimate multi-room speaker bundle, the Sonos Play: 1 comes with four wireless speakers (available in different colors) and actually works with your existing WiFi network so you can open them up and let the sounds run loose. Unlike other smart devices, which typically require a hub in order to sync them to your network, these speakers plug directly into your wall for instant use. With custom-built drivers and precise sounds, they’re easily our top pick. Place them on the bookshelf, on the countertop, table or even on the floor.

Keep in mind, these are not wireless speakers, so you will need to place them near an outlet to be plugged in. Sonos is a leader in multi-room sound though, and these speakers deliver both in terms of reliable sound quality and modern good looks.

Sonos Play 1 Bundle Courtesy of Amazon

2. Sonos Play:1 – Compact Wireless Smart Speaker


Okay, maybe you’re not in the market for a decked-out speaker set. While the multi-room set is the better deal, the Sonos Play: 1 is still our favorite speaker and this one’s available all by itself. With the ability to work with Alexa, you can adjust your tunes without ever having to leave the couch. Plus, with Sonos’ quick and easy installation, you’ll be well on your way to rockin’ out in the 21st century. As an added bonus, the super slim design fits just about anywhere—from your bedroom to your bathroom and more.

Sonos Play 1 Speaker Courtesy of Amazon


3. Marshall Acton Wireless Multi-Room WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker


No matter how fine-tuned and high tech these new speakers look, there’s something to be said about sporting that old classic model. This Marshal option features a frequency range between 50-20,000 Hz and is designed to look just like an old-school amp. With built-in Chromecast connectivity, you can connect it via Bluetooth and stream Spotify and more in seconds. With seven one-touch buttons and a super stylish design, it’s sure to be the hit of any party.

Marshal Speaker Courtesy of Amazon

4. Vizio  Smart Cast Crave 360 Multi-Room Speaker


Unlike other smart speakers, this one was made to be taken on the go. The 360-degree speaker features stunning clarity and a powerful battery life that can last up to eight hours on a single charge. And when you’re not taking it out, you can leave it on the included charging base to play your favorite songs while you relax. Multi-room pairing lets you turn on the tunes in different rooms throughout the house, and the VIZIO SmartCast makes it easy to pair it to your mobile device. It also comes with its own carrying strap for easy portability.

Vizio Speaker Courtesy of Amazon

5. GGMM E2 Portable WiFi Bluetooth Speaker


The very definition of portable speakers, the GGMM E2 is a teeny tiny model that features an extra slim profile so you can plop it wherever you want. With true wireless stereo sound, you’ll be amazed at just how loud this little speaker can get, and once you sync it to Alexa, you can use your voice to control it from any room in the house. This speaker’s unique design features a reinforced bass effect that simultaneously increases the thumping sounds and helps balance stereo. Best of all, no cables are required.

GGMM E2 Speaker Courtesy of Amazon