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Wyze Air Purifier Takes on Premium Models With Its Irresistible Price

Wyze has tackled nearly every corner of the smart home, but its latest venture is to help ensure you’re breathing in clear air at home. The Wyze Air Purifier takes everything you may find in a fancy, high-priced air purifier and puts it into a minimalist looking design that doesn’t cost a fortune. And you know what? It’s shaping out to be one of the best air purifiers around, which is impressive given it’s a first generation product from the company.


What We Love About the Wyze Air Purifier

We can go on and on about the benefits of an air purifier, but Wyze actually made a funny video that perfectly sums up the difference between crap models and the good ones. Take a quick peek at it below. Pricing is definitely one of the most attractive qualities about the Wyze Air Purifier, just because starting at $170 MSRP, it packs features and technology you’ll find in models well over the $700 range.

Besides price, there are two areas where Wyze focuses on to make its air purifier notable. First, it features true HEPA and granulated carbon filters, which Wyze points out is necessary to filter out air pollutants and gas. Secondly, it has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 350 m3/h to suck in the air inside of a room at a decent enough speed. The last thing you want is an air purifier that takes forever to work.

Even though those are the two biggest areas that air purifiers focus on, Wyze adds a few more bells and whistles that you’ll find in premium models. For example, there’s a high-precision laser particle sensor that will monitor what’s in the air you’re breathing — as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be a smart home product if it didn’t pack remote operation through Wyze’s app. That way, you can stay informed about the air quality when you’re home and not.

And finally, we really love the design. It gives off this industrial looking vibe with its rectangular, gray colored exterior, while still operating as low as 21 decibels, just like the sound of sleeping kitty that Wyze explains in the video.


Pricing and Availability

In terms of pricing, it’s differentiated by what air filter you select: allergen, wildfire, or formaldehyde, priced respectively at $129.99, $134.99, and $154.99. These are introductory prices, so you’ll want to grab them early at the discounted rate before they return back to normal price.

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