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Never Forget to Close the Garage Again With the Wyze Garage Door Controller

Opening your garage door should be simple, but so should keeping an eye on it and making sure you never forget to close it again once you leave. The new Wyze Garage Door Controller Bundle makes this a reality. It’s peace-of-mind assurance if you ever second guess yourself.


What We Love About the Wyze Garage Door Controller Bundle

Garage door controllers can sometimes be a bit complicated, but the Wyze Garage Door Controller works with your existing equipment. You don’t have to install a wire or a separate door sensor — just follow a few easy steps and you’ll be up and running.

The best feature is that it will alert you if your garage door is left open, as well as what time it was opened (or closed). The Wyze Garage Door Sensor does this through the use of a patented AI vision-sensing technology that can “see” if the door is open or closed.

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Courtesy of Wyze

If you need to check on your garage, the included camera makes it a breeze. The 1080p camera provides a clear image, while the HD full-color night vision provides higher quality detail about anything you might see. As we’ve mentioned in our review, the Wyze Cam V3 offers incredible value for its price.

You can also set up automations through the controller. These can open or close the door at set times of day; for example, you can program the Wyze to automatically close the garage at bedtime if you accidentally left your garage door open. You can also link the Wyze Garage Door Controller with Alexa or Google Assistant and shut the garage door with a quick voice command.

The camera also includes access to Wyze’s Cam Plus service for AI detection of people, packages and vehicles, and you can record multiple days of video on the device through the use of a microSD card.


Wyze Garage Door Controller Pricing and Availability

The Wyze Garage Door Controller Bundle is available today for $39.99 plus shipping. If you already own a Wyze Cam V3, or if in the future need to replace just the controller, the Wyze Garage Door Controller replacement part kit is available for $18.00 plus shipping. Not only are you getting a handy smart garage door opener, but also a versatile home security camera.

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Courtesy of Wyze.

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