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The Wyze Lock Bolt Lets You Unlock the Door With Just a Finger

Smart door locks feel like a dime a dozen sometimes, but most are prohibitively expensive. The new Wyze Lock Bolt goes against the grain with a low price point and a lot of smart features that make it an appealing option. Best of all, it doesn’t require WiFi in order for it to work.

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What We Love About the Wyze Lock Bolt

The Wyze Lock Bolt is a feature-rich device, boasting not only biometric security options but also a numbered keypad.

You just have to set up your fingerprint in the Wyze app one time and you can unlock your door with just a touch. It’s an easy way to get inside if your hands are full with groceries and you don’t want to dig around in your pocket for keys.

Alternatively, you can use an access code. These codes can be customized to each person in your family — and since the lock registers who opens the door and when, you’ll always know when your kids get home from school (or if they come home after curfew!). One benefit of the access codes is that you can add extra digits before or after the code, just in case someone is watching you enter it, and the door will still unlock.

As we mentioned, it doesn’t need WiFi in order to work. However, you can still unlock it via Bluetooth through the Wyze app on your mobile device when you’re within close proximity.

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The Wyze Lock Bolt will automatically lock the door after a set amount of time, so you never have to worry about forgetting. At the same time, it’s easy to set up — though, we’ll have to be the judge of that once we test one out, since Wyze claims the installation process only takes about 20 minutes on most US doors.

If the AA batteries start to run low, the indicator will flash red. If they happen to die, you can use a USB-C cable to charge the lock enough to enter your access code.


Wyze Lock Bolt Pricing and Availability

The Wyze Lock Bolt is available today from for $69.99 plus shipping, or for $59.99 plus shipping for Cam Plus members. It’s a wonderful solution if you’re on a budget and simply want a smart lock that can work without having it connected to WiFi.

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Courtesy of Wyze


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