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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Review: This Robot Vacuum and Mop Hybrid Actually Scrubs

Need a robot vacuum to keep pet hair at bay (hello, shedding season!) or to keep the floor clean after your kids track dirt and sand in the house? The new Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is a new option on the market and in this Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review, we’ll look at what this bot can do, how well it cleans and what kind of special features it has to offer.


What You Get With the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

This device is a dual vacuum and mopping robot with a self-emptying vacuum base and charging station. The major advancement here is that it uses a scrubbing mopping plate underneath, and that’s supposed to mean a deeper, more thorough clean.

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Setup Only Takes a Few Minutes

Get your base station set up and plugged in then download the Yeedi app which will show you how to turn the bot on and put it into pairing mode. The app walks you through linking it to your home’s WiFi. The setup system worked relatively well for me. Within five minutes of starting, I was fully connected and the robot vacuum was ready to get going.

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Mapping and Smarts

The app will prompt you to send the bot on an initial mapping run and the Vac 2 Pro did map my space accurately right off the bat. From there, you can divvy up your spaces more accurately on the map, and add labels for each room. This will allow room-specific cleaning and voice control in the future.

Glitchy Room Division

During my review period, the app was not great at letting me divide my spaces up, and I constantly got messages saying “please adjust the dividing line” and “make sure the dividing line intersects with the room at two points.” This meant I was unable to accurately divide my largest spaces: the kitchen, living room and dining room.

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Adding Voice Control: Google or Alexa Available

Fortunately, it was easier adding Google Home and Google Assistant services to my robot. Just go into the Google Home app and click “Add a Device.” From there, you can search for the Yeedi brand and then link your account. In about 30 seconds I was set up and was able to ask Google to send my bot out to do a quick sweep of the bedroom.


Vacuum and Mop

This robot has two separate functions. If the vacuum dust bin is installed, the robot will be in vacuum-only mode. That means it will vacuum both carpet and hard floors. If you want it to mop instead, you need to clip in the mopping plate and water tank.

When in mopping mode, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is supposed to avoid carpets to keep them from getting wet. I can confirm this is true from my testing; the bot carefully avoided venturing onto rugs while the mop was scrubbing.

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How Well Does It Clean?

I put all my robot vacuums through the same tests; I get them to vacuum finer things like flour or sugar, middle-sized bits like rice or oatmeal and bigger cracker chunks, on both carpet and hard floors. With mopping, I’ll let them clean dog paw prints or dried coffee.

Let’s start with the mopping. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this mop. The scrubbing plate was really good at wiping the dirt from my floors and was particularly effective at cleaning during a muddy week when the dogs were tracking dirt into the house. The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro was able to mop my floors completely clean each time.

When it comes to the vacuuming, there’s 3000Pa of suction (and it will drop to a mere 2000Pa for a quieter clean). I was extremely impressed at how well it picked up all my debris as described above.

When the bot is full, it returns to the dock to remove its onboard dustbin into the sealed bag in the base station. There is a 2.5L dust bag inside and, Yeedi says this holds 30 days of junk. My testing was just over two weeks, and the bag did not appear anywhere close to full.

Dustbin Clogs

I will note that as I was doing some maintenance on the bot, I noticed the onboard dustbin was very full. I used the app to evacuate the bin — twice — but nothing happened. I ended up removing the onboard dust bin and manually emptying it, thinking there was a clog of some kind that was preventing the bot from emptying itself.

The next time I did a cleanup and manually prompted the bot to empty the dustbin, it again left most of the debris inside, and on a third check, it seems to me that pet hair tends to clog the outlets that allow dirt to pass from the bot’s internal dustbin to the base station’s dust bag. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw or it’s that pet hair specifically (I have two dogs) is a major challenge and may frequently plug up the outlet but this is something to be mindful of.

Even so, a vacuum that can’t empty itself properly means it can’t do a good job of picking up new dirt.

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Obstacle Avoidance

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro boasts obstacle avoidance saying it “senses and dodges daily objects, shoes/pet bowls/kids toys/socks”. In my experience that wasn’t quite accurate. I found it would push pet toys and dishes around, and it rolled right over a phone charging cord.


Battery & Charging

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro has a large 5200mAh battery. Yeedi says this should equal about 220 minutes of cleaning time on a charge. Total duration will depend on if you’re using the vacuum at max power, but in my testing, it never seemed to run out of battery. The main floor of my house is about 1,000 square feet and the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro was easily able to clean it on a single charge.

A full charge will take over six and a half hours. When you balance that long charging time with the ultralong battery life, it does make sense and doesn’t seem out of line.

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The Verdict

I’m surprised at how much I liked this bo. I was really pleased with the scrubbing mop, but I am conflicted on whether to recommend it. The vacuum was also really good at picking up all my debris on both carpeted areas and hard floors. The battery lasted enough to clean the whole house on a charge. When it comes to downsides, I found the smart map to be a bit glitchy. Likewise, the dust bin was not extremely effective at emptying, or fully emptying itself as I would’ve liked.

So Should You Buy It?

I think this robot vacuum and mop hybrid is an awesome addition to my home mainly because of the mopping. I love that aspect but am really annoyed with how often the dustbin clogs or fails to empty. Weigh this purchase carefully: If you want it mainly for mopping, go for it. If you live in a home with furry pets, know you may have to keep an eye on the dustbin — and you may instead want to choose a robot that’s more effective with its own dustbin maintenance, like the iRobot j7+ (vacuum-only), or Ecovacs Deebot N8+ (Vacuum and mop).


  • Nice design
  • Dual vacuum & mop
  • Smart mapping for room-specific cleaning
  • Scrubbing mop is very effective
  • Voice control


  • Glitchy, imprecise room dividing in some cases
  • Dustbin clogs or doesn’t empty regularly
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