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1More’s Aero Earbuds Promise a Lot of Features For Not a Lot of Cash

1More is offering a lot for a little these days. Hot off the release of the SonoFlows, which we love, the brand is taking that same less-is-more approach to their new ANC earbuds, the Aero. These earbuds join 1More’s robust offerings (marking the sixth entry into their line) and bring plenty of things to get excited about. The 1More Aero are similar in shape and features to most other ANC earbuds on the market, but what may set them apart?

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Why We’re Excited about 1More’s Aero ANC Earbuds

The Aero is the first set of earbuds in 1More’s product line to offer spatial audio, which is a feature that’s becoming more and more of a key component in audio nowadays. Essentially head-tracking, a built-in gyroscope allows the earbuds to track the movements of the head in order to further enhance the overall audio immersion while listening to your favorite tunes.

On the ANC front, 1More boasts tech that can cancel up to 42dB of depth, which is enough to block out the noise of “in-flight engines to the hustle & bustle of traditional city life,” per their press release. Other notable points include Qi wireless charging, transparency mode, improved microphones for call clarity, IPX5 water resistant level, multipoint connection and a surprising 24 hours of battery life.

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However, the thing that’s the most interesting to me is the inclusion of a patented “Smart Loudness” feature from 1More, which is supposed to provide a higher quality listening experience even when the volume of the Aero earbuds is lower. Considering how important ear care is, this is a welcome feature that we’re eager to test. Speaking of testing: 1More has sent us a pair of the Aero that we’re currently testing, with more thoughts to come soon.


Pricing and Availablity

The Aero are now currently available for pre-order on Aero’s site, where you can also clip a code for $20 off. The same promotion will be offered on Amazon when the earbuds go live on Tuesday, October 25, which means you have some options on the retailer side. Stay tuned for our upcoming thoughts soon on how the Aero fare.

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