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1More ComfoBuds Mini Review: So Comfortable You’ll Forget They’re Even There

It’s been years since I’ve properly reviewed a pair of the best wireless earbuds, so you can imagine my eagerness to see how much they’ve changed since I last tested one. What attracted me most about the 1More ComfoBuds Mini was how they were being positioned as one of the most comfortable earbuds around.

Today’s earbuds focus heavily on features but fail at the fundamental quality of feeling comfortable to use, especially across various situations. Hopefully, this pair from 1More can live up to its claim. To find out, read my 1More ComfoBuds Mini review below.



  • Dimensions: ‎‎17 × 15 × 13 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 g
  • Battery Life: 5 hours (earbuds only), 20 hours (earbuds and case)
  • Recharge Time: 70 minutes (earbuds), 90 minutes (case)

Included in the Box

  • Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Silicone Ear Tips (XS / S / L)
  • User Guide

Setup: Done in Under a Minute

Taking out the earbuds from the charging case for the very first time, they’re automatically placed into pairing mode — so the only thing I needed to do was navigate to my phone’s Bluetooth settings. The whole process took me less than a minute. But in order to tap into all of the 1More ComfoBuds Mini’s features, you’ll need to download the 1More Music app.

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John Velasco | SPY

The only annoying thing about the setup is that in order to pair it with another device, I’m forced to place them into the charging case and press the corresponding button three times to put it into pairing mode again. I really would prefer doing this without the need of the case, but that’s how 1More has it set up.


Design: Seriously Comfy

I will admit that I was surprised by how comfortable it was to wear the earbuds. Part of the reason they felt wonderful was because of the ergonomic design and lightweight feel. The supplied silicone ear tips ensured that they stayed snugly in my ear, never feeling too irritating even with prolonged use.

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John Velasco | SPY

Impressively, they do provide that “invisible” wearing experience that 1More gloats about. While I applaud the comfortable fit, my only complaint about the design is that it’s almost too tiny. I really needed to dig them out from my ear to remove them, which is can be awkward.


Controls: Could Be More Intuitive

Due to its small size, I found it difficult to tap the outside area of the earbuds for various control functions. Furthermore, the controls are limited to just double or triple tapping the touch-sensitive areas.

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While there are options through the app to set their functions, I really wish 1More added swipe gestures and single tap functions to make it more intuitive. I would very much prefer a swipe gesture to increase the volume than double-tapping.


Sound Quality: Good, But Not Great

I was neither blown away nor disappointed by the sound performance of the 1More ComfoBuds Mini. Everyone has their particular taste in what sounds ‘good,’ but I wished it offered preset equalizer settings to choose from. Instead, 1More offers its SoundID personalized sound experience that automatically tuned the earbud’s performance based on my feedback.

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Disabling my custom SoundID setting, the audio by default sounds a bit narrow. Turning it on, however, adds a smidgen of depth with a boost in treble, but it still pales in comparison to the punchier audio produced by my Sony WF-1000XM3.


Noise Cancellation: It Can Sound Artificial

As you would imagine, the 1More ComfoBuds Mini features its own blend of active noise-canceling technology, which can be quickly enabled by long-pressing the touch area of either earbud. It’s OK, but it has this odd artificial effect to it. I would best describe it as this low hum wind noise, which in effect, adds noise to lessen the ambient sounds around me.

Oddly enough, I found that just putting on the earbuds without enabling ANC did a pretty decent job of blocking out noise in a passive manner. Additionally, I enjoyed using the transparent mode because I was still able to hear my surroundings without being overwhelmed by the music.


Battery Life: No Worries Here

When I first started reviewing true wireless earbuds, battery life topped out at an hour. That’s why I’m happy to report that the 1More ComfoBuds Mini puts out more mileage. In fact, it was still at 75% after an hour of listening to music with ANC on.

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The included compact battery charging case tacks on three additional charges, so you don’t ever need to worry about being out of juice. Furthermore, I also appreciate that the case features wireless charging in addition to USB-C charging.


1More ComfoBuds Mini Review: Our Verdict

With its diminutive size and lightweight feel, there’s no denying that the 1More ComfoBuds Mini is one of the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever used. Sure, there are slight compromises to its sound and noise cancellation performance, but I can gladly overlook them because of its modest $100 price tag.


So Should You Buy it?

Yes. I think it offers great value at its price point.


  • Comfortable fit and feel
  • Case offers wireless charging
  • Modestly priced


  • Audio performance could be better
  • Controls aren’t as intuitive
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How Long Will They Last?

With its IPX5 water-resistant construction, these should hold up to the sweatiest workouts. The construction and build quality are excellent, but there’s a 1-year limited warranty thrown in that protects it from defects.


What Are Some of the Alternatives?

If fit and comfort are priorities for you, then consider these excellent true wireless earbuds.

Ultimate Ears Fits

The Ultimate Ears Fits have long been heralded as the most comfortable earbuds around, so they’re definitely worth considering because of its gel-filled tips that mold to the contours of your ears.

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Courtesy of UE


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Another option to consider are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which takes audio seriously because they feature sound by AKG.

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Courtesy of Samsung


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