Shape Up With This Ready-to-Go 3D Printer

Compact 3D printer from Formlabs
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* Resin tank included
* Smooth surface printing with fine detail
* Compact and efficient

This innovative desktop 3D printer uses stereolithography (SLA) printing technology to create super-detailed 3D objects in resin with a smooth finish. Compact and relatively affordable (compared to professional models), the Form 1+ is the leading small professional 3D printer. It has been one of the driving forces bringing 3D printing into the hands of artists, designers and architects working in home offices or at small firms.

Released in 2015, this 3D printer won the coveted CES Innovation Award. It uses a high-performance and ultra precise laser to shape and selectively harden layers of light-sensitive polymer resin. Continually upgraded, the Form 1+ still represents an amazing value in the world of stereolithography 3D printing.

Measuring a relatively compact 27-inches across, this 3D printer includes a resin tank with one liter of resin, a build platform, finishing kit and everything you need to start printing. Different colors of resin are also available. The company is known for great support and provides lots of help when it comes to stocking resins and resin tanks.

A sophisticated and professional quality tool, this 3D printer offers four different thickness options, ranging from 25 microns to 200 microns. It excels at fine detail and surface smoothness, making it a great choice for jewelers and artists, as well as for industrial and product designers and architects who need to make models and mock ups.

This 3D printer is also one of the most user friendly on the market, thanks to its minimalist design and the excellent PreForm software that comes with it. With included app functionality and a one year warranty as well, the Form 1+ makes it easy to get started with the exciting world of 3D printing.

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