The Best 4K TVs For Gaming

best gaming tv 4kTVs
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With four times more pixels than typical HD TVs, 4K models are taking over the market. It’s no surprise: with their crystal clear image quality and cutting-edge technologies, 4K is where it’s at. Whether you’re a FIFA player, an RPG enthusiast, or you just love gaming with your team, 4K TVs let you see what’s happening on-screen in ways you never could before. Think: sharper images, more realistic graphics and smoother, more fluid motion for less blurriness during fast action sequences in your gameplay.

While different models are designed for different needs, we’ve rounded up our favorite 4K TVs specifically made for gamers. Whether they’re sporting more pixels, better frame rates or offer sharp wide-angle viewing screens, these 4K gaming TVs are sure to deliver an experience you can’t get on a regular big-screen TV.

To really get that immersive gaming experience, here are the best 4K TVs to get.

1. Samsung 65″ 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV


Featuring stunning surround sound and impeccable picture quality, Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Color technology meshes millions of individual colors to create crisp and vibrant images that go well beyond the realm of 4K. A built-in 4K UHD processor adds more realism to everything you see on screen and the wide-viewing angle means you’re able to enjoy awesome image quality no matter where you sit. Best of all, Samsung’s Real Game Enhances is designed to help provide a smoother, cleaner and all-around better gaming experience.

Samsung Flat TV Courtesy of Amazon

2. Toshiba 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


While this Toshiba offers impeccable 4K image quality with more than eight million pixels to help capture every minute detail, where this TV really shines is in the price point. At roughly $250, it’s arguably the most well-rounded option at a value-packed price. And because it comes with three HDMI outputs, an AV composite and a handy Ethernet port, you can hook up multiple consoles without ever having to deal with unplugging one cord to plug another in. The fact that it comes with Fire TV already activated is a nice bonus.

Toshiba 4K TV Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

3. Asus 28″ Monitor 4K


If you’re a true gamer, you know that every millisecond counts. If you’re in the market for a TV that not only offers a lightning fast response time but also offers a stunning 4K display, this Asus model is for you. This TV’s highly detailed visuals give you four times the pixels of standard HD TVs. What’s more, Asus’ own Eye Care technology helps alleviate eye strain by automatically adjusting the frame rate and lowering the amount of excess blue light on screen.

Asus 4K TV Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

4. Hisense 50″ 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV


Hisense may not be a household name (yet), but the Chinese TV manufacturer has been turning eyes with its recent models. The ultra 4K model features Hisense’s patented ULED technology to offer sharper image quality, color, brightness and more. With a vast color range that includes more than a billion colors, it also features a smart motion rate to help you get your game on without having to deal with any of the lulls or slow processing time that other TVs often feature.

This model also comes with Google Assistant already built-in, so you can control the volume, settings and more using your voice for convenience. Just be careful—at 40 pounds, this TV is anything but lightweight.

Hisense TV Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

5. Samsung Curved 55” 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV


For when you want a rockin’ TV but can’t be bothered with all those extra cords and cables hanging loose, this Samsung model is a smart choice. The built-in clean cable solution hides all your various cables, and the sleek, curved design really helps pull you right into the action. Of course, it also comes with an impressive motion rate and Samsung’s 4K UHD Processor, which is arguably even better than traditional 4K. And because it’s Smart Things-compatible, you can easily (and quickly) sync all your devices apps and services.

Samsung Curved HD TV Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


6. LG Electronics 49″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


Last but certainly not least, this LG model comes with 4K Cinema HDR to help provide stunning, clear and ultra-bright image quality. The Nano Cell Display helps pinpoint and accentuate color accuracy, which can definitely help if you find yourself gaming in low-light on-screen environments. And with extra high dynamic ranges and stunning Dolby Atmos surround sound, you’re able to enjoy better images, better sounds and an all-around heightened gaming experience.

LG 4K TV Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon