Car Dash-ean: 5 Best Dash Cams for the Paparazzi Apprentice

best dash cams
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* Increased safety and security when travellings
* State-of-the-art technology
* $59.99 – $309.99

Even if you’re not set on reliving Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in Nightcrawler, a good dash cam can be highly useful. Not only does it offer a level of safety and security when driving through city streets, parking in crowded lots or leaving your car at valet, but some of these high end dash cams also offer technical features such as full HD recording and instant smartphone synching.

1. Z-Edge Dash Cam

Was: $99.99 | Now: $59.99

A handsome and compact product, the Z-Edge dash cam is more than a pretty face. Thanks to a 2.1 MP Sony sensor and a wide-angle lens, it offers crisp and clear footage over a 170-degree field of view. The Z-Edge dash cam is also a relative bargain considering its feature content. This slim dash cam offers WiFi functionality, loop recording and a built-in parking mode.

Z-Edge Dash Cam Image Courtesy Amazon


2. PowerMax 1080P Dual Dash Cam

The PowerMax 1080P Dual Dash cam features front and rear lenses, a built-in GPS capable of recording vehicle locations and synching with Google Maps on a laptop or mobile device, and a simple, intuitive user interface. This dash cam is also noteworthy for its super wide angle lenses, giving you a 170-degree field of view.

[caption id="attachment_58072" align="aligncenter" width="300"]PowerMax Dual Dash Cam Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


3. BlackSys CH-100B

The BlackSys CH-100B may not have the most exciting name, but this two-channel dash cam system is one of the most high techmodels on the market. Rugged against the high temperatures experienced in parked cars, it can record day or night with minimal noise thanks to a Sony CMOS sensor and fast wide-angle lenses. It also offers GPS with a built in accelerometer for automatic emergency recording, along with a true parking mode.

[caption id="attachment_58073" align="aligncenter" width="300"]BlackSys CH-100B Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


4. ThinkWare F770

The ThinkWare F770 dash cam packs the sensor from a real prosumer video camera, giving it unparalleled sharpness and low light performance. If you want dash cam footage that’s ready for its close up, this sophisticated piece from ThinkWare is among the top choices. It also boasts plenty of “pedestrian” dash cam features like parking mode and WiFi compatibility.

[caption id="attachment_58074" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ThinkWare Dash Cam Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


5. Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD

Was: $319.95 | $189.95

The Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD dash cam not only packs highly sophisticated features into a slim, handsomely designed package, but even supports multi-vehicle use with included docking stations. The Falcon Zero Touch Pro offers loop recording, full HD 1080p video, and can be used in 24/7 surveillance mode thanks to an intelligent anti-battery drain circuit built in to its power supply.

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Image Courtesy Amazon

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