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We Found an Insane Discount on the 75-Inch TV of Your Dreams

Do you need a new TV? How about one that’s not only 75-inches but 4K HDR compatible and has Alexa built in? Currently, Samsung is offering one of the most amazing deals we’ve ever seen on their 75-inch QLED Q90T series.

It’s normally over $3,000, but the 75-inch Q90T QLED is $1,300 off, for a final price of $1,798. And thanks to Prime delivery, you could have it delivered to your home as soon as Friday. Plus, it has gaming modes and one of the best displays on the market.


What Makes the 75-inch Q90T QLED a Great Deal

  • Originally $3,098, now only $1,798
  • Instant savings of $1,300
  • 42% off its original price
  • Free shipping for Prime members

What We Love About the 75-Inch Q90T QLED

First off, this TV is massive. A 75-inch screen gives anyone a considerable amount of real estate for anything, whether watching your favorite sports team in action or buckling down for the latest season of Apex Legends. Combine that with the full lighting array and Quantum HDR, and you have a picture that will blow almost anything else out of the water. Samsung is known for its QLEDs for a reason.

Even shows that aren’t in 4K can be upscaled to a decent facsimile thanks to the powerful internal processor. This means even classics from the ’90s will look much better than in their original 480p resolution.

The Q90T series also has object tracking, which means it uses its top and bottom speakers to adjust the sound based on the action. It’s not true surround sound, but it’s a more immersive experience than basic TV speakers usually provide.

For gamers, the Real Game Enhancer+ feature reduces motion blur to improve clarity in the game. It also reduces input lag, allowing you to more accurately follow the action.

There’s the Adaptive Picture function for everyone else (and gamers, too). Like to watch TV with the lights off? The display will dim without losing picture quality but also without blinding you. The display will automatically brighten if you are watching TV on a cloudy day and the sun comes out to help combat the glare. It gives you the best possible picture at any time of day.

Oh, and just for the cherry on top, it has Alexa built-in. You can order that cool thing you just saw on that commercial without getting up.

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