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The Best 85-Inch TVs You Can Buy in 2022 — Compare Top Models From Samsung, LG & Sony

TVs are available in pretty much any size you want them in. Not all of us can afford the luxury of a 120-inch panel that costs thousands of dollars, but on the more reasonable size-and-budget scale, there are plenty of larger-sized TVs to choose from that deliver an excellent picture.

While 65-inch and 75-inch TVs may be a bit more common, the next size-up for most folks is typically an 85-inch. These larger TVs are awesome for dedicated theater rooms and spacious living room setups, but with 4K (and 8K) resolution available, most 85-inch models are going to look great no matter what room you decide the set should live in.

Whether you’re looking to get a QLED model from Samsung or one of LG or Sony’s OLED TVs, prices for 85-inch TVs have come down across the board, putting awesome features in the hands of more people. Some models from Sony are even optimized for gaming on the PS5, letting you get the most out of your gaming console


How We Chose the Best 85-Inch TVs

When it comes to landing on that perfect 85-inch set, there are plenty of criteria to consider. Are you looking for a large TV for movies and sports, or is this going to be a gaming-heavy TV? Are you satisfied with 4K resolution, or do you want to future-proof things and go with a more expensive 8K model? 

No matter your TV needs, we’ve done our best to test and vet 85-inch TVs, paying attention to the following:

Picture Quality: What a TV screen uses to produce pictures affects how good said picture looks. An OLED TV will give you the best color, contrast and detailing money can buy, but they’re also some of the most expensive on the market still. Models that use full-array LED or QLED panels are more affordable, but you’ll also get slightly less amazing-looking colors.

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Sound Quality: Just about every TV you can buy uses some sort of audio enhancement technology. Whether it’s Dolby Atmos, DTS: X or object tracking sound, you are pretty spoiled for choice if audio is on the top of your list of needs. You’ll also want to check if the TV supports HDMI ARC inputs for setting up wired soundbars and subwoofers or Bluetooth for wireless home audio systems.

Connectivity: While many new 85-inch TVs feature preloaded streaming apps, chances are you have playback devices you want to use. You’ll want to choose a model with plenty of HDMI inputs and Bluetooth connectivity for sharing media from your Blu-Ray players, game consoles and mobile devices.

Price: While 85-inch TVs are more expensive than their smaller counterparts, you can still find great options at budget-friendly prices. If you want premium features like 8K resolution, G-Sync or FreeSync compatibility or enhanced HDR technology, you should be prepared to pay a price to match.

We’ve picked out 10 of the best options from brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and TCL to help you get a feel for what’s available. We’ve also broken down their top features and price points to help you figure out which best fits your needs and budget. Check out our picks below to find your new 85-inch TV.


1. Samsung QN90B 85-Inch TV


For our money, the Samsung QN90B is the very best 85-inch set you can get your hands on, and for plenty of reasons. Samsung went all-in with the brand’s impressive quantum dot lighting, using powerful image processing and zoned Mini-LED lighting to deliver vibrant, colorful images that look great no matter what you’re viewing. And when we say “no matter what,” we mean it. The 4K image-upscaling on the QN90B will make any source look lightyears better than it would on older models and even some current competition.

And while sound is usually a TV afterthought, Samsung didn’t forget about that either. The QN90B uses Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ to engulf you in the most realistic sound-staging you’ll get out of a TV. Then, when you factor in the four HDMI 2.1 ports, Eye Comfort Mode for easier nighttime viewing and Samsung’s robust Tizen smart TV engine, it becomes a no-brainer as to why the 85-inch QN90B is one of the best sets you’re going to find in this size.

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2. LG C2 85-Inch TV


OLED TVs offer a considerable advantage when compared to QLEDs and other powerful LED panels. Because OLED pixels are self-emissive, you can individually power pixels on and off, achieving a perfect, inky black level that even an older plasma TV would be hard-pressed to beat.

For the ultimate 85-inch OLED experience, we can’t think of a better set than the LG C2 evo. Technically an 83-inch TV, this monster brings LG’s improved evo screen to the fold, allowing for a much brighter OLED image when compared to years past. And when you pair that with the processing power of the a9 Gen 5 AI, you’ve got yourself an OLED that can effectively match the brightness of a traditional LED TV while delivering the strong contrast backbone of an OLED — a picture technology matchup for the ages.

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3. Samsung 85-Inch AU8000


The AU8000 from Samsung is the most affordable 85-inch TV with a price point under $1,500. And while the price is budget-friendly, it doesn’t skimp out on features. It has built-in voice controls via Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby as well as integrated cable management, tons of HDMI and USB ports and even remote PC access features. It also has a super slick, minimalist design that will fit into just about any decor.

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4. TCL 4-Series XL 85-Inch TV


TCL has made a name for itself as king of budget-friendly TVs, and the 85-inch 4 Series is no exception. For around $1,700, you’ll get great 4K resolution, HDR tech and the ultra-streamlined Roku home menu that puts all your devices and favorite apps in one place for easy access. With the Roku app, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a voice-enabled remote for hands-free controls, or you can connect your TV to your smart speaker to use with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

We wrote about the 4 Series when it was first announced because it broke a major price barrier in the 80-inch and up TV category. And if you’re looking for the best 85-inch TV under $2,000 that’s worth buying, this is it.

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5. Sony Bravia XR A90J 85-InchTV


If money isn’t an issue when shopping for a new TV, you should check out the Sony A90J. This OLED TV gives you some of the best picture and sound quality money can buy. It uses Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology to turn the whole screen into a speaker for better audio and video syncing as well as room-filling sound. The updated processor uses AI for better native and upscaled 4K resolution, and with Dolby Vision HDR, an IMAX Enhanced mode and Netflix Calibrated mode, you can watch movies and shows as their creators intended. It also works with AirPlay 2 for sharing videos, music and photos right from your iOS devices.

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6. Samsung Q80B 85-Inch TV


The Samsung Q80B was built to deliver the best experience for all next-gen gaming consoles. Featuring a native 120Hz refresh rate, the Q80B adds in Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ to enhance the TV’s action-oriented capabilities, allowing for lightning-fast, frame-to-frame transitions and minimal lag. Speaking of lag, the Q80B also includes FreeSync Premium Pro, a must-have gaming specification that ensures you’re getting the most tear-free, motion-friendly TV you can buy.

With 4K resolution, mighty image-upscaling and Samsung’s excellent Smart Hub system for all things movie and TV-show related, we’re confident in designating the 85-inch Q80B as the best large TV for gaming.

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7. Sony X95J


The X95J from Sony is the perfect TV upgrade for PlayStation fans. This model is optimized for use with the new PS5, giving you input reaction times as low as 8.5ms and up to 120fps, and excellent 4K resolution. The screen features ultra-wide viewing angles for great color volume even if you’re sitting off to the side, and the Acoustic Multi-Audio technology gives you sound that follows the action as it moves across the screen. Built-in voice assistants give you hands-free control over your connected consoles and TV, and four HDMI inputs let you take advantage of variable refresh rates as well as connect all of your game consoles.

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8. Samsung QN800B 8K 85-Inch TV


While 8K sources are hard to come by, that doesn’t mean you should ‘t invest in a TV that can handle the pixel count. As streaming providers continue to roll out more and more 8K content, it’ll likely be no time at all until we have access to 8K flicks through our Netflix memberships.

And until the day that content becomes readily available, the 85-inch Samsung QN800B is an awesome 8K TV to gear up with. With its powerful Mini-LED lighting, backed up by Samsung’s quantum dot tech and image-upscaling, everything from standard analog video to 4K is going to look exceptional on this monolithic screen.

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9. Samsung QN95B


When you pair a compatible Samsung Q-series soundbar with the almighty 85-inch QN95B, you’ll be able to take advantage of a feature called Q-Symphony, an immersive audio solution that treats your soundbar like a full surround sound system. And let’s not forget the Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ capabilities, additional sound tech that adds even more fire to the QN95B’s audio-forward design. The QN95B also features 4K resolution with great upscaling, quantum dots with Mini-LED lighting and a native 120Hz refresh rate, further bolstered by Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo+.

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10. LG NanoCell 90


The NanoCell 90 series from LG is the ultimate TV of choice for anyone who exclusively streams their entertainment. This model comes with a suite of preloaded apps like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu so you can immediately start binge-watching your favorite shows and movies. It also has a dedicated Filmmaker Mode and Netflix Calibrated mode to make movies look the way creators intended. 

You’ll get great 4K resolution and detailing with Dolby Vision HDR as well as virtual surround sound with Dolby Atmos. Sports fans will love the Sports Alert feature that keeps you up-to-date with scores, stats and team standings. The simplified home menu puts all of your favorite apps in one place for easy access and even suggests new shows and movies based on what you’ve already watched, letting you find your next favorites quickly.

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Updates: This article was last updated on Thursday, July 14, at which time we added new pricing information based on summer TV discounts. Our overall product selection remained the same.