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Extended Reach: The 9 Best Extension Cables for Your Home Theater

* Keep your home theater wired and ready
* Extension cables for monitors, speakers and more
* Lightning and ethernet cable extenders

With the holidays on their way, there’s no better time to upgrade your home theater set up, from speakers to smart TVs to bluetooth devices to DVD players and game consoles. These days you can even seamlessly integrate a modern record player/Bluetooth speaker combo with an Apple TV.

A good home theater can make entertaining holiday guests a far smoother experience, especially when, as tends to happen on family holidays, some guests are younger than the first iPhone and some are older than the first TV. But it’s the details that make or break how a home theater works. As a modern day King Richard III must surely have said at some point, ‘my Kingdom for an HDMI cable!’ This is even more important when creative set-ups necessitate cables with a longer reach. Here are 9 of the best extension cables for your home theater.

1. UGREEN Ethernet Cable Extension

Keep your connectivity strong and signal’s interruption free with this shielded high-quality ethernet cable extender.


2. Amazon Basics USB Extender

This handy USB extender broadens the horizons of one of the most commonly used cable types. Features signal insulation and gold plated connectors for quality.


3. ProgressiveRC Speaker Cable Extender

Don’t be left resorting to tinny computer speakers for want of a way to connect your serious home audio speakers. This RC-AC-BX speaker cable extender gives the banana plugs a greatly enhanced reach.

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4. Ugreen HDMI Extension

This HDMI extension cable plugs into any existing HDMI cable and extends its reach. Available in 1.5 ft, 3 ft, or 6 ft sizes.


5. TNP Products Audio Extender

Give some freedom of placement to your aux-cable connected devices with this 1/8 in audio extender. Sizes range from 3 ft all the way up to 12 ft.


6. VGA Extender

This 15-pin VGA extension cable comes in handy 6 ft or 10 ft sizes. Shielded against interference, it supports reliable connections and high resolution.


7. BYSTECH Lightning Cable Extender

If your iPhone or iPad is moonlighting as the DJ, these lightning cable extenders offer some freedom of mobility while keeping your devices charged up.


8. RCA Audio Extender

The right audio extenders are essential for wiring up the best quality surround sound in your home theater. They come in 6 ft, 12 ft and 25 ft sizes.


9. Cable Matters Mini Display Port Extender

The mini display port is an oft-overlooked connector type but is frequently essential when connecting multiple monitors. It’s compatible with 2014-era MacBooks as well as with the popular Microsoft Surface and Google Chromebook lines of tablets.

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