Need More Murder In Your Life After Game of Thrones? AcornTV has you Covered


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* Mysteries and murder, Medieval or otherwise
* Award winning TV dramas and documentaries
* Plus some new shows you might not have heard of

Looking to fill the violent, murderous void left behind by Game of Thrones’ departure? Here are some killer – pun intended – shows you can stream right now on AcornTV. From classic murder mysteries to contemporary favorites, AcornTV has a broad array of suspenseful and tightly plotted shows, and you can start watching them free with the AcornTV trial right now.

1. Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

While the medieval history of Britain and France famously inspired much of the original Song of Ice and Fire series, you might be surprised to learn just how closely the violent ruling families of Westeros follow their West European prototypes. You might not be surprised to find that the brutality in Game of Thrones is hardly exaggerated, and that in fact, compared to what actually went on in the middle ages, the HBO series is practically Sesame Street. This documentary chronicles the rise of the Plantagenets, one of Britain’s most famous royal lines, from its warlike beginning to the bloodthirsty rivalries that attended just about every transfer of power.

Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty Courtesy Amazon

Stream It Here: Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty


2. Queens of Mystery

For something completely different, but still involving murder, check out Queens of Mystery. Despite the name it’s not about royal lineages or struggling to rule a medieval kingdom. Nor is it any relation to the Queens of the Stone Age. Instead, it’s a contemporary mystery series in the vein of the BBC classics, starring Olivia Vinall as Mattie Stone, a detective who happens to have three aunts who write crime novels.

Queens of Mystery Courtesy Amazon

Stream It Here: Queens of Mystery


3. Murdoch’s Mysteries

Set in the heyday of the Victorian detective story, this award-winning Canadian show follows detective William Murdoch, a sleuth with a troubled past, and an interest in cutting-edge science, like electricity and fingerprinting. Of course, Arthur Conan Doyle shows up.

Murdoch's Mysteries streaming Courtesy Amazon

Stream It Here: Murdoch Mysteries


4. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Centered around a glamorous “lady detective,” in the 1920s, this show features Jazz Age mysteries, spiritualists, undercover Burlesque performers and high wire suspense. Imagine Gatsby, but with more murder. Well, maybe the same amount of murder (Spoiler Alert!), but more mystery, anyway.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries streaming Courtesy Amazon

Stream It Here: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


5. I, Claudius

If ancient murder is more your thing, the Emmy-winning I, Claudius deserves a look. Based on the novel by Robert Graves, this series describes the life and times of another Game of Thrones inspiration, the Roman emperor Claudius, who lived a quiet life in exile, writing history books, until at the age of 50 he unexpectedly became emperor, because everyone else who wanted the job killed each other off.

I, Claudius streaming history drama Courtesy Amazon

Stream It Here: I, Claudius