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This $9 Pouch Is the Best Way to Keep Your Earbuds Safe and Tangle-Free

* Canvas pouch keeps your earbuds safe and easily accessible
* Snapspring closure allows for quick, one-hand opening
* Slim design allows you to bring your earbuds just about anywhere

You rely on your earbuds for everything from taking a handsfree call to motivating your workout with music, but throwing them haphazardly into your bag can make them hard to find and lead to serious frustrations like tangled and frayed cords. The UT Wire Pocket Earphone Case eliminates those concerns by keeping your earbuds well-protected and easily accessible.

This craftly little case is double-layered for maximum protection. The outer canvas layer provides long-lasting durability, ensuring that your earbuds will stay in great shape no matter where you store them. Inside, the super soft, 100% cotton lining reduces scratching and friction that can wear down wires and buttons. Since the case comes in black, orange and blue, you can choose the color that works best for your organizational style or buy multiple pouches for different electronic accessories. Customers, who give the case an impressive 4.7 stars on Amazon, rave that the blue and orange are bright enough to spot in even the most cluttered bags.

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By utilizing a snapspring closure, the case can quickly and easily be opened with just one hand by squeezing on either side. All you have to do is drop your earbuds in and go – there’s no struggling with zippers or clasps and there’s no need to wind up the cord. The snapspring also allows the pouch to lie flat when empty and stay slim when filled, so it fits most anywhere without taking up too much space.

At under $10, this case is an economically efficient alternative to replacing damaged earbuds every few months. Plus, it can even be repurposed to store other important accessories such as chargers, batteries and SD cards, among others. If your earbuds are in constant use, it’s time to say goodbye to the wear and tear and hello to UT Wire’s endlessly versatile protection.

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