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No More Wire Hangups! The AirFly Wireless Transmitter Thwarts Any Headphone Jack and Keeps You Wireless

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You love your wireless headphones or buds. AirPods, Beats, Jabra, whatever — you’re not going back to wired sound again, ever.

Except when you’re on an airplane. Or on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. You can listen to your own music or podcast with your headphones, sure. But there’s a really good movie on the screen, and you can’t hear it. The headphone jack is mocking you. The flight attendant has headphones, except those cost money. Just when you thought you were out…

Twelve South has your back, our wireless-loving friend. Check out the AirFly Wireless Transmitter, a wireless headphone adapter that plugs into that infernal headphone jack. It’s designed to thwart the headphone jack and keep you free, no matter where you go.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

The AirFly uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology to send the sound on the screen into those wireless buds or headphones you love so much. Now what you see at the airplane or gym, you hear in your own wireless headphones or Airpods. If your beloved buds or phones are of the noise-cancelling variety, unlike those cheapies they offer you on the plane? Even better.

(Pro tip: AirPods must be inside their case to enter pairing mode with the AirFly.)

Are you a gamer? The AirFly also works with your Nintendo Switch. (And, honestly, Nintendo: wired headphones?)

The AirFly is USB-rechargeable, and a full charge will get you about 8 hours of listening. And while the idea of a wired-headphone jack may seem positively archaic, the AirFly isn’t some gigantic dongle. It’s just about the same size as an AirPods charging case, so it’s easily pocketable for your next trip to the airport or gym.

Twelve South has an entire line of AirFly products to keep you wireless. The AirFly Duo is just like the classic AirFly, but has a longer battery life and can transmit to two sets of headphones or buds. The AirFly Pro has all the functionality of the Duo but also has a receive function so you can send audio from your car to the AUX-IN in a car or a speaker. And the AirFly USB-C allows you to connect two wireless sets to USB-C devices like laptops and tablets.

The AirFly comes with the USB charging cable, two-ended AUX cord, travel pouch, and start guide manual. Think of this small package as your anti-wire protection device, no matter where you go.