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The Key To Not Losing Your AirPods? This Killer Keychain From Killspencer

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Everything you love about AirPods — small size, compact case — also makes them very, very easy to misplace. And it’s not like losing any pair of headphones or earbuds. These are AirPods: a lot awesome, a little pricey, and most definitely not something you want to root for through a lost and found bin, to no avail.

The solution? An AirPods keychain case, which isn’t hard to find. But most AirPods keychains are of the thin rubber or silicone variety. Not great to look at, not terribly durable, and not really something you want to entrust your Pods to.

The better solution? Killspencer’s AirPods keychain, made of real, premium pebbled leather and featuring a reinforced hole with a black metal eyelet that won’t tear away like a cheaper keychain holder. We love Killspencer, a Los Angeles-based company that makes awesome leather weekender bags and backpacks.

As with other products from this artisan brand, the look is elegant yet rough. It’s full-grain leather that hasn’t been corrected in any way beyond the original hair removal, allowing the natural markings and character of the leather to show through. Over time with normal use and handling, it takes on a warm, worn look.

The Killspencer AirPods keychain works with the first- and second-generation AirPods, as well as the AirPods Pro. And they are completely minimalist, which means they won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your keychain or get stuck in your pocket.

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Courtesy of Killspencer
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Courtesy of Killspencer

Plus, with the Killspencer AirPods keychain, your Apple headphones won’t quietly slip out of the holder unnoticed, leaving you to grieve your loss while you figure out how to save up for another pair. The thin-but-tough hand-stitched leather binds to your case with a strip of industrial-strength 3M adhesive. Just clean off the case with the provided alcohol wipe, peel away the backing on the adhesive, align the indentations, and press. Your AirPods aren’t going anywhere. Just make sure you line it up correctly: Killspencer has also added a tiny hole to allow the status light of the charging case to be clearly seen.

Your AirPods are now in reach, easily located, all the time. No more fishing them out from the bottom of a gym bag, briefcase, or duffel. And, by far most importantly, no more fishing for them and coming up empty. They’re right where you need them, with your keys.

The best feature of all, even beyond the great look, quality craftsmanship and durability? They’re easy on your wallet. At only $35, this is a great and inexpensive insurance policy to keep your AirPods from disappearing. Plus, with the holiday season fast approaching, this leather AirPods holder is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.