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Sunday Deal Alert: Amazon Just Slashed Prices on Its Line of 4K Smart TVs – Save 30% This Weekend

Ever the go-to source for amazing deals, Amazon has dropped prices on some of its most popular products such as Fire TV sticks, Fire Tablets, and more to kick off the new year. More recently, we’ve seen them temporarily reduce the cost of the new Amazon 4-Series 4K Fire TVs, offering up to 30% off retail prices. This generous discount applies to the brand’s 43-55-inch models, dropping the cost as low as $259.99. Right now, you can also grab the 50-inch version for $329.99, while the 55-inch will run you $379.99.

Amazon has always been one of our go-to retailers for the best flat-screen TVs, but in 2021, Amazon revealed that it would finally be producing its own line of TVs. If the time has come to finally replace your outdated and dumb TV, then Amazon’s Omni and Fire TV Series combine a smart TV interface with 4K picture quality — and extremely affordable price tags.

These smart TVs are the perfect entertainment upgrade for any room in your home, delivering a high-quality, vivid 4K Ultra HD picture with bright colors.

The accompanying Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote provides access to your favorite movies, tv shows, apps and more through voice control. Simply speak into the remote to catch up on new shows, episodes, weather, sports, games and beyond to retrieve them on-demand. Use your subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+ and other streaming services while also activating smart home capabilities as needed through voice functionality.

It’s unclear how long these current sales will last, so be sure to act quickly if you’re looking to get ready for SuperBowl LVI or want to upgrade your overall TV viewing experience.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV, 55-Inch

Amazon fire tv 55 inch


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