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Stupendous Streams: The 10 Best Amazon Channels You Can Watch Right Now

* Stream the most popular channels from one place
* Try out channels free for 30 days
* A huge variety of on-demand content from nature shows to classic film

By now we all know that Amazon Prime is more than just a speedy delivery service, but Amazon itself is more than just a shopping site. We’ve found the best way to maximize Amazon is by also using it as a hub for all of our streaming content.

It’s called Amazon Channels and this streaming service excels at variety, offering a vast range of programming ranging from new cable network shows to classics. All of them can be added onto your Prime membership (or purchased separately) for about 10 bucks a month. Instead of having to juggle multiple subscription services and plans, it’s now easier to manage all your subscriptions through Amazon, all in one spot.

Here are the top 10 Amazon Channels you can watch right now. Bonus: try any (or all) of them out right now with a 30-day free trial. Like what you see? Don’t miss our full list of all the Prime channels on offer.

Amazon Prime Secrets

1. HBO

The cable giant that needs no introduction, HBO brings series like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Girls, Veep and more, all streaming on Amazon Channels right now. Prime members get a 30-day free trial (it’s a 7-day trial for everyone else) and it’s just $10.99 a month for Prime members after that.

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Courtesy Amazon/HBO

30-Day Free Trial to HBO


2. Starz

The Starz Channel features award-winning original series like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, the historical romance Outlander, 50 Cent’s Power and more. Prime members can get a 30-day free trial, with the Starz upgrade going to $10.99 a month after that. Non-Amazon Prime members can use the same link below for a 7-day free trial.

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Courtesy Amazon/ Starz

30-Day Free Trial to Starz


3. Showtime

If you missed the Twin Peaks revival, you can see it here on Amazon’s Showtime channel. Plus catch movies, sports content and more originals, like the buzzy Ray Donovan and the Claire Danes-led, Homeland.

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Courtesy Amazon/Showtime

30-day free trial to Showtime


4. Sundance Now

Bearing the name of the famous Utah film festival, Amazon’s Sundance Now channel features award-winning movies including some classics of independent cinema, plus documentaries, political films, true crime and more. There are even some hard-to-find music documentaries like Penelope Spheeris’ epic, The Decline of Western Civilization, and Ken Burns’ American Lives.

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Courtesy Amazon/Sundance[/caption]

30-Day Free trial to Sundance Now


5. Fandor

Classic English and American dramas plus a decent selection of French films are streaming right now on this smart, eclectic channel. Stand out current features include the infamous 1975 post apocalyptic comedy, Death Race 2000, the Michelle Williams-starring Wendy and Lucy, as well as a number of independent films, horror films and hard-to-find anime.

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Courtesy Amazon/Fandor[/caption]

30 Day Free Trial to Fandor


6. Comedy Central Stand-Up

Stand-up fans rejoice: Amazon’s Comedy Central Stand Up channel collects hundreds of current and classic comedy performances. Highlight series include John Oliver’s New York sets, new stand-up from Hannibal Buress, and Kumail Nanjiani, plus the perennial Amy Schumer’s hit, Mostly Sex Stuff.

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Courtesy Amazon/Comedy Central[/caption]

30 Day Free trial to Comedy Central Stand-Up


7. Smithsonian Earth

Collecting some of the best wildlife and nature films, Smithsonian Earth is both great educational viewing and perhaps the greatest background streaming channel known to humanity. Don’t miss Wild Castles, a fascinating series exploring how ancient castle ruins become part of the natural landscape.

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Courtesy Amazon/ Smithsonian[/caption]

30 Day Free Trial to Smithsonian Earth


8. Shudder

A curated collection of high-quality horror from throughout the history of cinema and television, this channel lets you stream some of the creepiest rare classics ever made. Start your 30-day trial timed to Halloween, for a creepy party to remember.

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Courtesy Amazon[/caption]

30 Day Free Trial to Shudder


9. The Drive

A must-see channel for Top Gear fans or self-aware car enthusiasts, the drive is known for Chris Harris’ entertaining takes on motorsport, car culture and even new car reviews.

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Courtesy Amazon/The Drive[/caption]

30-Day Free Trial to The Drive


10. Cinemax

See hit movies and Cinemax originals on demand, plus tune in to Cinemax live programming on this Amazon Channel. Yet another excuse to keep on using your desktop computer as a TV.

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Courtesy Amazon/Cinemax[/caption]

30 Day Free Trial to Cinemax

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