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Beats’ Best Wireless Earbuds Are All On Sale Right Now — Save Up To $100

Beats is one of the best brands for workout earbuds, and the brand took the top two spots in our testing of the best hook earbuds. If you’re in the market for workout earbuds, many of the best Beats earbuds are substantially discounted on Amazon right now, with savings of up to $100. That includes around-the-ear hook earbuds and wingtip earbuds, either of which will offer a secure fit for any workout. If you’re not in the market for workout buds, the Beats Studio Buds are also discounted, and they have a more low-profile in-ear design.

When it was founded, Beats By Dre gained notoriety for its bass-forward sound profile, and while that’s not ideal in a pair of reference speakers, it’s well suited for workouts. Since its acquisition by Apple nine years ago, Beats has taken advantage of much of its parent company’s tech, including improving active noise canceling, incorporating Apple’s H1 Headphone Chip, and offering a wide variety of true wireless earbuds. Beats are also stylish and available in a range of colors, a not-inconsequential detail for something that’s going to be on the side of your face.

Crucially, even though it’s an Apple product, Beats also play well with other devices, so you don’t need an iPhone to make the most of your Beats earbuds. Whether you’re looking for earbuds for your next HIIT workout or you just need something for your noisy office, these are the best deals on Beats earbuds to take advantage of right now, or check out all of the deals here.

$149.95 $249.95 40% off

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Thanks to the hook design, these earbuds are sure to stay in place, and the water-resistant design can withstand your most intense workouts. You get up to 9 hours of listening time and 24 with the case.

$159.95 $199.95 20% off

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The Beats Fit Pro has a secure wingtip design that cradles the inside of the ear, offering a snug fit without the potentially obtrusive over-ear hooks. It boasts spatial audio and ANC and up to six hours of listening time.

$99.95 $149.95 33% off

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Beats Studio buds have ANC and IPX4 water resistance, and they’re available in a range of colors. The buds get up to 8 hours outside of the case, for a total of 24 hours with the case. The Beats app is available for iPhone and Android.

$179.95 $199.95 10% off

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Beats are best known for bright shades of red and blue, but Kim Kardashian brought her signature neutral Earth tones look to the Beats Fit Pro, with colors like “Moon,” “Dune,” and “Earth.”