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Lights, Camera, Action: Why You Need This USB Camera Adapter

* Official Apple USB provides instant photo downloads
* Supports standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW
* Cable requires iOS 9.2 or later

For when you need an easier way to upload your photos, this Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is a must. Professional photographers know the importance of having your camera ready at all times, and with this handy dandy adapter, it’s never been easier to instantly upload your shots.

With built-in Lightning support, this USB cable makes it easier to upload and view your external camera’s photos. As soon as it’s connected, the cable will automatically open your Photos app, which will then give you the option to pick and choose all images and videos you want to import. Additionally, you can also organize your pics any way you see fit. Best of all, these images will also be added to your phone or laptop’s photo library, which is then accessible through any (and all) your Apple devices.

This high-speed lightning cable supports most standard photo formats, including JPEG, RAW, as well as SD and HD video formats. Keep in mind that this cable is only compatible with iOS 9.2 or later, so you may need to update your device before using it.

Unlike other external cables, this one requires no setup or installation. Simply use the cable to connect your camera to your Apple device for instant uploads. With Apple’s state-of-the-art retina display, you’re able to view your latest captures the way they were meant to be seen. And because this is an Apple product and not some third party manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing the quality is there.


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