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Watch What You Love Without Disturbing Those Around You

* Comfortable eadphones easily connect to TV via Bluetooth
* Watch your favorite shows while not disturbing others
* Easily charge headphones with the cradle

These days, everyone has a tablet or smartphone which they use for the majority of their entertainment purposes. From checking in on social media to streaming Netflix on their tablet or phone, chances are, that family time on the couch will consist of every member on a different device.

[caption id="attachment_61035" align="aligncenter" width="523"]bluetooth headphones Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

For this reason, watching the television during couch time can become an exercise in subtlety. How do you watch what you love while not disturbing the time of your loved ones around you? No one wants to watch their programs in a separate room. We all want to be together. So what’s the solution? 

AudioMX provides a solution with these rechargeable Bluetooth TV headphones. Now you can enjoy your television programs from the comfort of your couch without disturbing anyone around you. The headphones support a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with up to 30 m transmission range. The ergonomic design is soft and well-padded for a comfortable position that surrounds your ears and blocks out external noise.

These headphones come with a convenient recharging cradle so you can always keep them charged and ready to go.

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