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These Adjustable Headphones Make Premium Audio Flexible

* Offers high signal-to-noise ratio to ensure premium audio quality
* Can adjust to fit contours of your ear
* Made to be ultra-durable and long-lasting

With most earphones you can expect a sizable trade-off between pristine audio quality and portability, but Bang & Olufsen‘s B&O Play Earset 3I headphones aren’t most earphones. The latest addition to the brand’s stable of cutting-edge audio tech makes premium audio as portable as a pack of gum and as flexible as the sinewy strong, scratch-resistant materials they’re composed of.

Featuring a soft touch rubber coating and brushed aluminum, the Earset 3I headphones are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that usually accompanies life on the go, while looking pretty cool while doing so. That added wire strength also means you can use the Earset 3I’s inline remote without fear of ripping them.

Of course durability only means so much if you’ve got to sacrifice it for sound quality, but with the Earset 3I headphones, that sacrifice doesn’t even begin to come into play. Each pair of earphones offer a high signal-to-noise ratio that ensures the sort of peak audio quality you expect when you’re looking for high-end ‘phones.

The Earset 3I headphones are also one size fits all, which is great, because we’ve all suffered the devastating inconvenience of having weird headphones that don’t quite lineup with the contours of our ears.


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