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Contemporary Summer Art You’ll Want to Display All Season Long

* Aerial beach photography from artist Gray Malin
* A New York Times Best Seller
* Hardcover book with 150 photographs

While planning out your next beach vacation, perusing Gray Malin’s Beaches for inspiration may not be such a bad idea. The hardcover book has stunning visuals that provide a pleasant photography addition to any book — or beach — lover’s collection.

Known for creating art for the Hollywood and fashion elite, Gray Malin has become a namesake in photography. His awe-inspiring work includes aerial photos of beautiful beaches from all over the world. Shot from helicopters, his shots play with splashes of light and vibrant shapes that represent summer in a unique, expressive way. His art infuses luxury with a deep wanderlust spirit in order to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. His books have been known to represent escapism and a sense of vacation-envy through their lovely aesthetics.

This New York Times Bestseller is popular for its aerial photography, as well as its impressive artistry from Malin. The book features more than twenty cities across six continents, including Australia’s Sydney, Santa Monica in the U.S., Cancun, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Cape Town, Dubai and many more. Creating a sense of summer bliss in each of his photos, the book’s simplistic nature shows off the vivacity of life through its pop colors. Don’t miss out on this visual treat and add Beaches to your bookcase today.

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