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Coming Soon: The Belkin SoundForm Elite Is a Wireless Charger and Smart Speaker in One

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If you’re choosy about how you charge your cellphone or other electronics, you’re probably already familiar with Belkin. They’ve been a leader in home technology since 1983, and their wireless charging devices in particular have been among our favorites.

Great sound, however, has not been Belkin’s forte, but that’s about to change. The Belkin SoundForm Elite combination smart speaker/wireless charger is ready for pre-order, which means your house is ready for an upgrade.

The SoundForm Elite was created in partnership with Devialet, one of the best speaker-producing companies on the planet. Devialet’s amazing acoustic architecture combined with Belkin’s peerless fast wireless charging capabilities send the SoundForm Elite straight to the top of our wish list. And like the best smart home speakers, we love the SoundForm Elite’s clean, modern design.

If you can’t decide which room you want to fill with sound and provide with another wireless charging station, this great device is designed to pair with other SoundForm Elites, so you can play your music, podcast or audiobook across the whole house. They also pair easily with any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker. (Sorry, Alexa stans). The Google Assistant capabilities also allow you to control smart devices around the house with just your voice.

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Courtesy of Belkin
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Courtesy of Belkin


And that Devialet sound is truly sweet. The patented Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology creates perfect high fidelity sound reproduction no matter the size of the speaker. So while the SoundForm Elite is small, it packs a clear and resonant punch. Devialet also added its signature “Push-Push” dual woofer configuration to create rich, powerful bass without vibrations.

The amazing sound and smart capabilities of the SoundForm Elite are almost enough to make you overlook the fact that it’s also a wireless phone charger, and a very good one at that. Your Qi-enabled phone sits securely in the cradle atop the speaker and juices up quickly thanks to the 10-watt charging. And that vibration-cancelling bass technology means that even if you decide to really crank the sound, your phone won’t slip out of the cradle. It will keep charging as long as you need it to. Which isn’t very long, considering the powerful charge delivery of the SoundForm Elite.

Once released, the Belkin SoundForm Elite promises to be a true centerpiece of whatever room you put it in. The clean design and amazing sound capture the eyes and ears, while in the background your phone gets a quick wireless charge. Plus, you get all the benefits of Google Home. For all that, the $299.99 price tag is pretty reasonable, as you’d probably pay a fair bit more for a high-end speaker and wireless charging dock bought separately.

The estimated shipping date of the Belkin SoundForm Elite is March 2020. Early adopters can pre-order their own at the link below.