The Best 65-Inch TVs For Sale on Amazon Right Now

65 inch TV

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If you have the space for it, a 65-inch TV can offer an immersive experience for video games, movies and sports. But as large as it sounds, you don’t need to have a massive living room to accommodate a flat-screen TV of this size. A 65-inch TV is large enough to provide detail without feeling like a black hole is eating up your entire living room. And with as many options as there are on the market, you can find one that suits your budget while offering the features you actually want.

Are you willing to splurge on one of the best OLED TVs? Do you have a lot of devices and need HDMI ports that can keep up? Do you want voice compatibility, or will a plain old remote control do the trick? Finally, do you have a strict budget, and need to keep the price below $1,000? No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve found options that will suit you. Our editors are constantly reviewing the latest TV models, and we speak specifications fluently.

Many of the best 65-inch TVs offer 4K UHD, which is quickly becoming standard. That means that with as many 4K TVs as there are on the market, you can now find 4K TVs for a lot less than you’d expect. But 4K isn’t the end of the discussion when it comes to picture quality. With an OLED TV, you’ll get blacker blacks and whiter whites, which is a boon at a time when superhero movies and TV shows alike are leaning into gritty, dark color palettes. The biggest problem with OLED is cost — it can set you back more than twice the cost of a similarly sized 4K TV. Go a step below OLED and you’ll find QLED TVs from brands like Samsung, which also offer fantastic picture quality.

And besides price and picture, there are other factors to consider such as audio quality, smart TV interfaces and stream-casting. To help you get the most out of your money, we’re always on the hunt for the best 65-inch TVs to buy at any given time. Keep reading for our top recommendations.

1. LG 65-Inch CX Series OLED TV

If you’re looking for top of the line picture quality, consider this option from LG. LG is a pioneer in OLED technology, and this 4K TV captures vivid colors and dark blacks like few other TVs can. Each pixel emits its own light, eliminating the fuzziness that can come from dark scenes in movies and TV shows. The advanced processor also automatically improves the quality of anything you watch, even if it isn’t originally 4K.

Pros: 4K OLED for top-of-the-line visuals. Smart features allow you to control your TV using your voice.

Cons: Expensive. Remote may be annoying to use for some.

65 inch TV Amazon

2. Samsung 65-inch Class QLED Q70T Series

This TV from Samsung features QLED, which, despite the name, is distinct from OLED. OLED has better picture quality thanks to the individually-lit pixels, but QLED is brighter,  so QLED might be a better option for daytime viewing (and the picture quality is still stellar). In fact, this TV even monitors ambient lighting conditions and automatically changes the brightness. This TV has built-in Alexa for easy navigation, and 4K upscaling upgrades non-4K content.

Pros: 4K upscaling, built-in Alexa compatibility. Active voice amplifier for clearer audio.

Cons: QLED is not as crisp as OLED.

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3. TCL 65-Inch 5-Series 4K QLED Smart TV

Maybe it’s because they’re not as well known that TCL has an underdog mentality, but TCL TVs are known for offering premium features like QLED display technology at a modest price. This particular 4K TV has Dolby Vision, UHD picture quality and intuitive smart features at a price that’s substantially lower than the top brands. The 120hz refresh creates smooth action for entertainment and gaming. The smart TV uses Roku’s intuitive platform for its interface, making it easy to find the channels and services you’re looking for without a separate streaming device.

Pros: Features like Dolby Vision, 120hz refresh rate and Alexa compatibility. QLED picture quality is fantastic.

Cons: Remote could be better.

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4. Sony A8H 65 Inch TV

Thanks to Alexa compatibility, Sony’s new Bravia OLED TV eliminates the “where’s the remote?” conversations. It’s a great option if you already have an Alexa device, but if you don’t, this TV is also compatible with Google Assistant. Plus, you can set it up to work with Siri as well. As for picture quality, this TV is OLED and has Sony’s proprietary Triluminos color display. OLED TVs have individually illuminated pixels, making for darker blacks, without the visible pixels.

Pros: OLED for darker blacks. Built to be compatible with Google, Siri and Alexa.

Cons: Darker picture means it may not be ideal for rooms with ambient light.

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5. Sony 65-Inch X800H LED TV

Sony’s smart TV uses Android as its operating system, making this a great option if you already have an Android phone. Even if you don’t, the interface is simple and allows you to easily toggle through popular streaming service. As for picture quality, it has a 4K display and a processor that upscales lower-resolution content to look more like 4K. Plus, the remote control is voice-compatible so you can easily find what you want to watch.

Pros: Intuitive Android-based system. Color-enhancing technology. Dolby-Vision and Atmos.

Cons: Image could be brighter.

65 inch TV Amazon

6. LG 65-Inch BX Series OLED TV

LG’s OLED TVs are beautifully designed, and that’s not just in terms of picture quality. Instead of the standard narrow feet on the ends of the TV, there’s a large base under the screen, adding a more minimal look to the TV. It’s an OLED TV, meaning that individual pixels are illuminated for the clearest picture. The remote has voice control so you can easily find your favorite programs. If you’re using the TV for gaming, features like NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync will be able to keep up with the action.

Pros: Built-in Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility. Low input lag and NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync make this a great TV for gaming, too.

Cons: OLED TVs aren’t as bright, so it’s best suited for darker rooms.

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7. Samsung 65-inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung’s 65-inch TV combines top features at a manageable price. It features a processor that automatically upscales any content you watch to 4K quality, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of 4K even when you’re not watching 4K content. The smart TV has a Universal guide that allows you to toggle through different content without going between different apps. The TV is compatible with Google Assistant, Bixby and it has Alexa built-in.

Pros: 4K crystal display for vivid colors. Smart features like Google Assistant, Bixby and built-in Alexa.

Cons: Remote can be annoying to use. Image could be somewhat brighter. Only 60hz refresh rate. Picture not as clear as Samsung’s QLED line.

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8. Insignia 65-inch Smart 4K UHD

If you’re looking for a 4K TV at a more attainable price, consider this option from Insignia. The remote has Alexa built-in, so you can easily and quickly search for your favorite shows. Like the other options, this TV from Insignia has WiFi built-in and its own interface, with popular streaming services built-in.

Pros: Well priced. Popular services built-in to the smart TV interface for seamless streaming. Smart remote with voice activation.

Cons: Remote control buttons could be more durable.

65 inch TV Amazon

9. Samsung Curved 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV

The novelty of curved TVs has undoubtedly worn off since they were first unveiled, but there are still cool things to appreciate about curved TVs, namely the immersive and deep experience they provide. This Samsung TV has a 4K UHD processor with high dynamic range for more vibrant color. It also has a built-in menu for easily finding your favorite content.

Pros: Unique curved design, vibrant color and 4K picture quality.

Cons: The picture on a curved TV can look stretched depending on where you’re seated.

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10. TCL 65-Inch 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV

TCL TVs are some of the best bang-for-your-buck values out there. This 65″ TV is a good deal considering its 4K resolution and smart features. The TCL is unique in that it’s directly integrated with Roku. Thankfully, Roku’s interface is simple to use, and you can toggle between streaming services, gaming consoles and other inputs through the simple customizable interface.

Pros: Affordable value. Simple interface. Works with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cons: Some may not like the design of the remote.

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