Screen Envy? Go Big & Stay Home with One of the Best 75-inch TVs

lg cx series 75 inch tv
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If 2021 is teaching us anything, it’s that making your home entertainment experience as awesome as possible is certainly worth the investment. If you miss going to the movies as much as we do, then buying a new soundbar and flat-screen TV might just make the winter of COVID-19 a little more bearable. Although 75-inch TVs look like they have steep price tags (and in some cases they do), it wasn’t too long ago that 55- and 65-inch TVs used to cost the same amount. And when you experience a 4K movie or sporting event on a huge 75-inch display, you’ll never want to go back.

So what are the best 75-inch TVs for the money?

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You’ll see that 75-inch TVs vary widely in price. That’s because the most expensive and best 75-inchers sport OLED display technology that has the best contrast and most vivid picture quality available. But you don’t have to fork out $5,000 or more to get a great-looking TV. There’s nothing wrong with choosing LCD or QLED technology to save a few dollars, and the casual observer won’t be able to tell the difference, we promise. The image processors are so good inside of TVs now that you still can get an incredible-looking TV sans OLED.

Of course, if you do want the best possible picture quality, you can still splurge on a Samsung Q900TS Series 75-inch TV or a 77-inch Bravia OLED TV from Sony, which will set you back $6,500 and $3,500, respectively. For the rest of us, there are plenty of highly-rated alternatives that are almost as good and much more affordable.

Below, you’ll find the best 75-inch TVs of 2021, with options for every price range. It’s time to go big or go home, or better yet, go big in your own home with one of these beautiful 75-inch flat-screen TVs from brands like LG, Sony, Samsung and TCL.


A Quick Note on TV Sizing

For the purposes of this article, we are not making a distinction between the best 77-inch TVs from LG and Sony and the slightly smaller 75-inch TVs from Samsung, TCL, Vizio and other TV manufacturers. Remember, TV sizes are measured diagonally, not horizontally. While some companies have added a couple of inches, we consider 75- and 77-inch TVs to belong to the same class, and we’ve included both size options in our shopping guide.

You may notice that the selection here is similar to our rankings for the best 65-inch TVs, the best 4K TVs and the best OLED TVs. In general, the best TVs are the best TVs, regardless of whether you choose a 65-inch or 75-inch model. However, there are a few exceptions. We generally prefer the newer Sony A8H OLED TV to the 2019 Sony A9G Sony Bravia OLED TV. Unfortunately, Sony’s newer, more affordable OLED, the A8H, isn’t available in this 75-inch size class.


1. LG CX 77-Inch OLED TV


When it comes to picture quality, OLED displays reign supreme, which is why SPY’s tech editor recently named the LG OLED CX Series the Best TV of 2020, full stop. WIth a 77-inch OLED display, you have one of the largest and best looking TVs ever created by man. Enhanced with a new processing chip compared to the also amazing C9 LG TV, the CX offers even more vivid colors and deeper blacks for stunning contrast you can only get from an OLED TV. Even though it’s 77 inches, the display is still razor-thin (yet includes four HDMI ports on the back). It’s everything you could want in a TV, packed into an elegantly designed package. Cinephiles will love the true 4K display while gamers can appreciate the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which provides a lag-free 120 hz refresh rate.

lg CX 75 inch tv, best 75-inch tvs Courtesy of Amazon




2. Sony Bravia A80J 77-Inch OLED TV


LGs aren’t the only TV manufacturer to utilize OLED technology. If you decided to go with the Sony Bravia A80J over the LG CX, you wouldn’t get an argument from us. Armed not only with OLED technology, but with the Sony X1 Ultimate processor, the picture quality is nothing short of awesome. Taking this TV’s wow factor even a step further is your choice of voice AI. You can use Google Assistant to control your TV, or connect it to an Alexa-enabled device to control your TV, as well as your smart home. It also supports Apple Airplay and HomeKit for those of you in the Apple Ecosystem. Simply put, it’s one of the best 75-inch TVs (technically, it’s 77 inches) you can buy right now.

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sony a80j oled tv Courtesy of Amazon

Sony A80J



3. Sony X90J 75-Inch TV


If you love the idea of having a 75-inch Sony TV, but you aren’t quite ready to drop $3,500, you can go with the still incredibly Sony X90J 75-inch TV for considerably less. Sure, this particular Sony TV doesn’t have OLED technology (hence the huge price drop), but the same amazing X1 processor and voice controls come along for the ride. And with HDMI 2.1 standards with 120 fps for reduced lag time, the picture will be smooth enough for even the most snobby gamers. This is a great mid-tier option when $3,000 exceeds your budget.

Sony X90J Courtesy of Amazon

Sony X90J



4. TCL 6 Series 75-Inch QLED TV


The fact that you can find a 75-inch TCL 6 series for under $1,500 is proof that 2021 isn’t completely terrible. Packed behind this massive display is mini-QLED technology — tiny little LEDs that individually light up the display — and 240 localized zones. The brightness and contrast this TV produces looks more like a premium pick rather than a budget option. And gamers can enjoy smooth, low input lag using the THX Certified Game Mode for a great gaming experience. This TV is a smart way to get a huge, solid TV in your home without clearing out the bank account.

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TCL 75 inch TV Courtesy of Walmart

TCL 6-Series



5. Samsung QN90A 75-Inch QLED TV


We’re big fans of Samsung TVs, particularly the brand’s QLED TVs, which are are a great alternative to the more expensive OLED TVs from Sony and LG. Truthfully, the average viewer isn’t going to be able to tell a huge difference because the picture quality on both is so high. But it’s not just QLED inside of Samsung QN90A: what makes this one of the best 75-Inch TVs is the fact that it also has mini-LED technology, which allows for more dimming zones and gives a boost to the maximum brightness. The results are markedly improved HDR performance and vibrant picture quality, even when you are watching older content.

Even though we recommend pairing any TV with one of the best Dolby Atmos soundbars, speakers located behind the screen display help semblance of spatial audio (still not close to movie theater quality though). Taking all that into consideration, this is a great premium option, especially if you tend to lean towards Samsung products, which come with a built-in smart TV system.


samsung qn90a Courtesy of Amazon

Samsung QN90A



6. Vizio P-Series Quantum X 75-Inch TV


Vizio makes some of the best flat-screen TVs in any size for budget shoppers, and the company makes the best 65-inch TV under $500. The Vizio P-Series Quantum X is another great option in the same series that won’t break your bank, but provides plenty of picture quality and robust features for a 75-inch TV. For starters, 480 local dimming zones help create strong contrast (albeit not true black) to make the picture really pop. And with the help of Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, the picture quality looks remarkable across the entire 75-inch screen. When you add in Apple Airplay support along with Apple HomeKit, the $2,000 price tag starts to look like more and more of a steal.

vizio p-series 75 inch tv Courtesy of Vizio

Vizio P-Series Quantum X



7. Samsung QN900A 8K 75-Inch QLED TV


Look, we’re not going to lie, the QN900A 8K TV is objectively better than the measly 4K QN90A featured above. So why have we ranked it lower? Simply put, for the price, the picture quality isn’t that much better to justify the price tag, unless you’re the kind of early adopter that would really benefit from true 8K resolution.

For most people, going with an 8K TV is total overkill for now (and possibly always), but you will certainly be ready if 8K content does ever appear. But even if you are just running with 4K content, this TV will upscale it to 8K, and with technologies such as QLED and mini-LED in the mix, it’s sure to look great.

Beyond stunning picture quality, the design might actually be more impressive. The bezel is almost nonexistent, maximizing the size of the display and making the TV look incredibly stylish. This TV is wildly expensive, but you’ll have the biggest and most badass TV in your neighborhood — we’re sure of that.

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED TV Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung QN900A 8K QLED (75-Inch)



8. Samsung Q60A Series 75-Inch QLED TV


If you need to stay below the $1,500 price range but still want one of the best 75-inch TVs in the world, then the 2021 model Samsung Q60A series is your best bet. Thanks to a recent price drop, this flatscreen is now priced at a very reasonable $1,299, which is a great deal considering the overall picture quality of Samsung’s QLED line. At half the price of the Q80TS featured above, you still get a lot of the same smart TV features and technology, although you do lose out on audio quality. On top of that, this TV only offers a 60Hz refresh rate, so cinephiles and gamers will sacrifice a little in terms of picture smoothness. However, Samsung’s smart TV interface and the true 4K picture quality is still mighty impressive.

samsung q60a Courtesy of Amazon


Samsung Q60A



9. LG NanoCell 90 Series 75-Inch TV


lg nanocell 90 Courtesy of Amazon


LG NanoCell 90 Series



10. TCL 5-Series 75-Inch TV


What makes the TCL 5-Series stand out is that for less than $1300, you can get your hands on a 75-inch QLED TV with Dolby Vision support.  Does that mean that it will draw comparisons to an OLED like the LG CX or even a mid-range champion like the TCL 6-Series? Absolutely not. But if you’re less concerned with dimming zones, and contrast ratio and color accuracy, and more interested in the visceral experience of having a big-ass screen in your living room, the 75-inch TCL 5-Series is absolutely the most cost-efficient way to achieve that. And if you can wait a little while longer, TCL is soon rolling out a budget 85-inch TV you’ll actually be able to afford later in 2021.

TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K QLED TV Courtesy of Amazon

TCL 5-Series QLED TV



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