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These Acoustic Guitars Are Affordable, So You Won’t Be Afraid To Take Them Everywhere You Go

If you’re looking for an instrument you can actually take around with you, it’s hard to beat the acoustic guitar. Beloved by vagabonds, college kids, and serious musicians alike, the acoustic guitar is an enduring icon.

True story: in middle school, a friend of mine who played tuba in band would have to lug the heavy case home every day. It was only two blocks, but carrying a tuba any distance feels like a 500-mile walk through the Spanish hills. In order to make his life easier, he’d ask other boys if they were strong. Invariably, they’d answer yes, and he’d ask them to prove it by carrying the tuba for him. More often than not, they’d oblige for part of the way.

It’s a humorous lesson in the lengths boys will go to prove their toughness. It also offers another lesson. Sometimes, it can be nice to know how to play an instrument that doesn’t weigh as much as a Toyota Prius. I mean, no offense to all the wonderful tuba players of the world, but there’s a reason there are very few tuba players bringing their instrument to the college courtyard for a jam sesh.

Stick with the guitar and you’ll have an instrument at your fingertips — literally — at home, or on the road. If you’re a novice looking to get into guitar, or you need to replace your old six-string, here are a few good choices.

1. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This kit includes picks, a tuner, a gig bag, extra strings, a strap, and a free trial for online guitar lessons. The guitar itself is inexpensive, but since it’s a Fender, it’s a reliable guitar. The sturdy construction and classic finish makes this is a solid starter guitar.

Pros: Good sound, comes with lots of bonus equipment.

Cons: Some found that the gig bag is not very protective.

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2. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone acoustic guitar is pretty affordable, but it doesn’t skimp on details. The body is made from mahogany and has a well-built fretboard, and reviewers recommended it for beginners and skilled players alike.

Pros: Good sound quality, well-built.

Cons: Some reviewers suggested replacing the strings higher quality ones.

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3. Jameson Guitars Acoustic Electric Guitar

This acoustic guitar can be plugged up to an amplifier or played by itself, and left-handed guitars are available from the product listing. Many reviewers were impressed with the good quality sound.

Pros: Thin body makes it easy to hold. It’s available in a left-handed configuration.

Cons: Some reviewers found it was shipped with too high action (strings are far from the fretboard) and said that it would need to be adjusted.

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