Shades of Meaning: Top 8 Fine Art Adult Coloring Books

The Best Fine Art Adult Coloring

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* Adult Coloring Books for aesthetes and fine art lovers
* Color in the footsteps of the great
* Relax and wind down while channeling your creative side

These adult coloring books are a relaxing meditative activity for those whose tastes tend to be more refined. With these elevated coloring books, you’ll get to color in the shapes of works by old masters, impressionists, surrealists and pop artists. Andy Warhol would surely have appreciated the concept.

1. Color Your Own Matisse

You don’t need to retreat to a remote south-sea island to enjoy this Matisse coloring book. Just make sure to look at some of the originals for referencing the ultra-saturated Fauvist color preferences.

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2. Van Gogh Grayscale Coloring Book

This adult coloring book sidesteps the impossibility of rendering Van Gogh’s daubs into line drawings by reproducing them in shades of gray.

Van gogh coloring book Image Courtesy Amazon



3. Color by Number Masterpieces

This color-by-numbers book is a great way to relax and meditate while stretching your creativity by enjoying the beauty of some timeless masterpieces from history.

color by numbers fine art coloring book Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Salvador Dali Coloring Book

Salvador Dali was hardly one for staying within the lines – metaphorically speaking anyway – and this coloring book, appropriately enough, encourages you to explore your own subconscious color wanderings, with Dali’s famous melting time-pieces as a guide.

Dali Coloring Book Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Frida Kahlo Coloring Book

Color your way into the vivid and enchanting visual space of a Frida Kahlo, offering lots of inspiration and opportunities to color outside the lines.

Kahlo fine art coloring book Image Courtesy Amazon


6. Da Vinci Coloring Book

You don’t have to write backwards, invent a non-functional flying machine or make statements about the “ideal” human proportions in order to enjoy this Leonardo da Vinci adult coloring book. It’s also much easier to get through than The Da Vinci Code.

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7. Warhol Adult Coloring Book

Pioneering in his work that took on themes of mass production, repetitive representation and the sheer strangeness of celebrity culture, Warhol may be the only artist here who could have predicted his work would someday appear in an adult coloring book.

Warhol Coloring Book Image Courtesy Amazon


8. Picasso Coloring Book

On the other hand, Pablo Picasso, who had his fourth child when he was 68, might have appreciated such a fine-art coloring book, too.

Picasso fine art coloring book Image Courtesy Amazon