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Get This 7-in-1 Airpods Case For Just $9 and Never Lose Your Earbuds Again

* Durable AirPod kit helps keep your earbuds safe
* Includes earbud cover, ear hooks, handy straps and more
* Never lose your headphones again

AirPods are pretty awesome, but they’re so small (and so wireless) that it can be hard to keep track of them. Fortunately, this 7-in-1 accessory kit helps keeps your pricey pods safe, secure and always within reach, so you can do your thing without ever having to worry about losing your buds.

Complete with  AirPods clips, a durable Silicon case, comfortable earhooks to keep your earbuds from falling out, an AirPods strap and so much more, this all-in-one case has just about everything you need to up your headphone game for just $8.

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With a super soft grip, these earhooks rest comfortably in your inner ear — simultaneously improving sound quality while keeping your AirPods secure while you move about. Great for jogging, working out and other high-intensity activities, this kit lets you get more out of your AirPods without having to dish out big bucks for extras. In fact, with all these features wrapped up into one, the only thing that’s missing is a charging cable.

Extra easy to install, and even easier to remove, these accessories are sure to help prolong the life of your AirPods and keep them protect from damage. And with a hassle-free lifetime warranty, there’s no reason not to bite.


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