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That Infamous AirPods Max Case Doesn’t Cover Much — Get These Carrying Cases for Extra Protection

When Apple unveiled the AirPods Max, their new over-ear headphones, there were two gut reactions from both major publications and the Twitterverse. The first was, wow, these are expensive. At $549, AirPods Max headphones are over $200 more expensive than the newest and most expensive Bose or Sony headphones like the Bose 700 or Sony’s WH-1000XM4. The second prevailing response was to be either perplexed, amused or both about the fact that the case the Max comes in looks like a bra.

As people actually got to try out the headphones, there was a third prevailing response — these headphones are really good. A Wired reviewer said they were the best headphones they’d ever tried. For our part, we ran down five reasons why we thought the AirPods Max were worth it, including the beautiful design, premium audio quality and superb comfort. That’s why many have taken the plunge on these admittedly pricey headphones.

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Taken together, all of these reactions underscore the need to invest in a separate carrying case if you’re buying the headphones. The high price tag and quality audio performance are good reasons to protect your investment. As for the included case, not only does it look silly, but it doesn’t actually protect the headphones that well. It covers the earcups, but the headband juts out from the top. That’s okay if you’re at home or your desk, but it may not be ideal for crowded commutes or getting through TSA while traveling.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite AirPods Max cases. Unlike AirPods cases and AirPods Pro cases, there aren’t that many available options yet. Of course, the longer the AirPods Max are out, the more options there will be. Until then, these are some of the best options you can get now. Many of the cases mimic the features found in the included case, including magnets that put the headphones into low-power mode (the headphones never fully turn off, making this a necessary feature). Plus, we’ve included some protective covers for the earcups, to help prevent them from getting scratched and scuffed.

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1. Pad & Quill AirPods Max Leather Cases


This case from Pad & Quill is available for pre-order, but good things are worth waiting for. The beautiful leather case is specifically designed for the AirPods Max, and it’s made from full-grain leather with a ballistic nylon interior lining. Flipped over, the case can serve as a desktop headphone stand. Another unique feature is the included magnets on the inside that put the AirPods into low-power mode, saving battery.

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Image Courtesy of Pad and Quill

2. Spigen AirPods Max Case Cover


Carrying cases are designed to protect your headphones when not in use, but what about when the headphones are on your head or in your hand? This case from Spigen is designed to protect the earcups themselves, while still retaining full access to the controls. The transparent case allows you to still appreciate the look of the earcups while protecting them from scratches, scuffs and light impacts. The covers are compatible with the AirPods Max case.

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3. Waterfield Airpods Max Case


This stylish case from Waterfield is available in leather or ballistic nylon, and the small carrying loop makes it easy to tote around. The mesh pocket on the inside of the case fits the charging block, while the magnetic piece in the middle of the case puts the Max into low power mode. An external compartment with a diagonal zip adds extra storage space.

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4. BlackBrookCase AirPods Max case


Like many Apple products, the AirPods Max have a minimalist, futuristic look. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a rugged-looking case. This case from BlackBrookCase has a classic leather look, and it’s made from premium full-grain leather. The double zip design and clamshell shape make it easy to access the headphones, while the zippered pouch on the back is the perfect place to store cables. Internal magnets put the AirPods into low power mode. This leather case can be used with or without the included AirPods case.

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5. co2crea Carrying Case Apple AirPods Max Headphone


This case is an inexpensive way to protect your headphones. It has a textured fabric outer and a plush velvety interior, and it’s capable of accommodating the headphones with the OEM case. Plus, there’s a slot for holding a charging cube. The case has a hard-shell EVA exterior for protecting your headphones.

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6. Carbon Fiber Case for AirPods Max


Monocarbon specializes in carbon fiber cases and accessories, a material that’s known for being lightweight and incredibly durable. This case is designed as protection for the earcups of the AirPods Max, helping to prevent scratches while maintaining access to controls.

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Image Courtesy of Monocarbon

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