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Summer Reading on the Road: Download the Kindle App

* Kindle app available for free on both Apple and Android devices
* Will sync your cloud-based Kindle library onto phone or tablet
* No need to buy separate Kindle device anymore

Until recently, reading on smartphones and tablets was a rather painful experience. However, with new updates to the Kindle app, digital books are becoming easier and easier to use. This year, enjoy your summer reads without lugging cumbersome books to the pool or across the country on your family road trip. Simply download the Kindle app instead.

The Kindle app is available for free on both Apple and Android. Once you have installed the app, you’ll have the ability to purchase and read any Amazon Kindle books, directly on your device. There’s no need to buy a separate Kindle-specific device or tablet anymore. It’s the best app around for reading ebooks on the go.


If you already have a Kindle but would like to read your downloaded books on a separate device, that’s possible too. Simply sign into your Amazon Kindle account through the app and start reading any of your cloud-based books. The app should sync completely with your Kindle, provided the Amazon device has recently been connected to WiFi.

You’ll find that the Kindle app acts just the same as a Kindle would. You’ll have the ability to add bookmarks, customize your font size, easily turn pages, search through the full text and create highlights or notes.

Though there’s still something romantic about a physical book, you can’t beat the convenience or portability of Kindle. Whether for the beach, for the plane or just for some light reading before bed, download the free Kindle app today.

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