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The Best Apple Gifts To Shop for This Holiday Season: AirPods, iPhones, MacBooks, and More

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for the best true wireless earbuds for that audiophile in your life, or a smartwatch that helps to keep you fit and connected, we’re getting close to that time of the year when gift buying ramps up for key shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They’ll be here in no time at all!

Since we’ve tested hundreds of gadgets throughout the year, we can affirm that Apple’s lineup of products can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. There’s a reason why its gadgets are so highly acclaimed from both consumers and critics alike. You’ll be the talk of the town when you give the best Apple gifts to friends, family, or even coworkers.

Of course, Apple’s portfolio covers the gamut, which is why we’re here to break it all down so you know exactly what are the best Apple gifts to buy this holiday season. Given that Apple held its usual fall event not too long ago, these gift ideas consist of the latest products in its entire lineup.

John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Music lovers that want immersive sound.
Coolest Feature: Dynamic head tracking brings three dimensional sound.
Review: Are the Apple AirPods Pro 2 Enough of an Upgrade?

The first-generation pair were a knockout hit, but Apple added several new features to the 2nd Generation Apple AirPods Pro, also commonly referred to as the Apple AirPods Pro 2. Apple seemingly improved everything from its even better noise-cancellation, to extending its total listening time to 30 hours with the charging case.

Sure, it does really good at blending all sorts of audio ranges, but we also love some of the new features thrown in. Take for example Spatial Audio, which tunes the music based on your profile for a more authentic listening experience. There’s also dynamic head tracking that makes you feel like the center of the action when watching movies.

And finally, it’s a lot more convenient to use with on-board controls for adjusting the volume. Meaning, you can adjust it directly through the AirPods instead of going to your iPhone.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Serious audiophiles that crave high-fidelity sound.
Coolest Feature: Premium design makes it unmistakable.
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While the Apple AirPods Pro 2 have a wider reach among audiophiles, the Apple AirPods Max is for the serious audiophile in your life. That’s because it’s been designed from the inside-out to exude this.

From its premium design complete with a stainless steel frame complemented by the mesh textile wrap that covers the ear cushion, to the high dynamic driver that blasts every audio detail to your ear, the AirPods Max is undeniably one of the best Apple gifts you can give someone.

We’re fans of it being available in five, dual-tone colors, especially the one in pink because of its vibrant look. Additionally, you’ll be amazed just like us by how exceptional it is at canceling out ambient noise around you.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Anyone that wants a slim sized iPhone.
Coolest Feature: It can let you text emergency services with its Emergency SOS satellite feature.
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There are a total of four new models in this year’s iPhone 14 lineup. Out of the bunch, the slimmest and most affordable one is the iPhone 14.

Not only is it perfect for just about anyone, but Apple threw in some new features that could save your life. In fact, it can determine if you’ve been in a serious crash and get you urgent help automatically. Stuck in the middle of nowhere? No worries because Emergency SOS can let you text message emergency services for help with the help of satellites in the event you have no cell service at all.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: For those that want a bigger screen.
Coolest Feature: The main camera on the back is twice as fast at capturing night mode shots.

If you’re looking for a bit more screen, the iPhone 14 Plus gets you more of it with its 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display. Not only do you get the larger screen, but also more battery life with upwards of 26 hours of video playback (versus 20 hours on the iPhone 14).

You’ll also love how Apple upgraded its dual-camera system on the back, which makes it even easier to capture nighttime shots because it’s 2x faster with night mode. That’s because it now houses a larger sensor, allowing 49% more light to reach the sensor for better details and dynamic range.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: The busy working adult that needs a phone for work and play.
Coolest Feature: The animations that accompany notifications with its new Dynamic Island.
First Look: Goodbye to the Notch, Hello to Dynamic Island Experience

There’s a reason why it’s called a pro. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro is what we love to call the all-around iPhone that works for business and pleasure. You’ll be able to handle all your work-related tasks with the iPhone 14 Pro’s speedy A16 Bionic chip and handy features that come with iOS 16.

We’re most stoked about the Dynamic Island, the area around the earpiece that displays notification. That’s because it sprinkles in a dash of animation to the way notifications appear on the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s also functional when you tap it to reveal those notifications.

When you’re done with work, the iPhone 14 Pro is ready to capture all of your weekend activities with one of the best camera systems around.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Power users that need all-day battery life.
Coolest Feature: Get that soft, out of focus look with backgrounds using Cinematic Mode for recording video.

Just like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, you’ll be getting more screen and a longer battery life with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Power users that play a lot of games or access 5G connectivity a lot will be satisfied by the long-lasting battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s no wonder it made our best smartphone battery life list.

It’s also wonderful for videographers because of its triple camera system, which features a 48-megapixel main camera paired with four different optical zoom levels to choose from. We were blown away by its Cinematic Mode, which did a phenomenal job at mimicking that shallow depth of field look you get with true cinema cameras.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Work from home parents that need a little bit of Siri in their life.
Coolest Feature: Play music from your iPhone to the HomePod Mini with its handoff feature.
Review: How Does Apple’s Smart Speaker Fare in an Already Crowded Market?

Apple only sells one smart speaker, the Apple HomePod mini. Even though it’s been out for a couple years now, it’s still the best smart speaker if you’re invested in Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Don’t let its size fool you because this orb-shaped speaker adapts to any room to deliver room filling sound with the aid of computational audio. We’ve enjoyed giving voice commands to Siri while working from home, to control other smart home devices we have — like our smart lights.

It’s available in five bold colors now to really complement the decor around it.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Students that want to ditch heavy notebooks.
Coolest Feature: It’s compatible to work with the Apple Pencil (1st Gen).
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College students are already strapped for cash. That’s why we feel the Apple iPad (10th Gen) is such a great gift for them for a number of reasons.

This newest slate can deliver that pen meets paper experience because it’s compatible to work with the Apple Pencil (1st Gen). Naturally, this combination will allow them to use the iPad much like their notebooks to jot down assignments or doodle a drawing to pass by the time. 

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Photo editors that require pro-level software for tweaking photos.
Coolest Feature: The Apple M2 chip delivers unrivaled performance.
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Continuing to bridge that gap between tablets and laptops is none other than the sixth generation Apple iPad Pro. It’s a satisfying mobile computing device powered by Apple’s own M2 chip.

The raw power it holds is enough for professional photographers and videographers to edit photos and videos respectively. These are tasks that few tablets could achieve, but the iPad Pro does it so effortlessly and in such an intuitive manner. Paired with the advancements of iPadOS, it’s a showcase for how the power of touch can dominate mobile computing.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: The frequent work traveler that needs a reliable laptop for that on-the-go lifestyle.
Coolest Feature: Outstanding battery that can last upwards of 18 hours.
First Look: Apple’s New M2 MacBooks Are Coming Soon To Put Other Laptops To Shame

You can only do so much with a smartphone or tablet, which is why the Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip exists. For commuters and frequent globe trotters, this laptop has everything they need to keep them productive while on the go.

Not only is the MacBook Air’s design incredibly svelte and lightweight, but the addition of the M2 chip gives it the necessary punch to handle all of today’s productivity tasks. Really, it’s a decent workhorse for getting stuff done, but it’s even better at offering all-day battery life when you don’t have time to sit still and top it off.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Creators that need top-notch processing power to render 4K footage in a breeze.
Coolest Feature: Efficient cooling courtesy of its advanced thermal system ensures it stays cool, while sustaining high level performance.

Today’s content creators have no shortage of bringing their creations to life, but powerful hardware is often necessary to deliver those results. That’s why the Apple MacBook Pro with M2 chip exists to give power users the arsenal they need to get stuff done.

We really love how it’s been built with content creators in mind, like its brilliant looking Retina Display with True Tone technology to adjust the screen’s color temperature to match the ambient light conditions around. It’s this level of meticulousness that’s rarely matched by other laptops.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Fitness buffs that need a top-notch fitness tracker, while keeping them connected to their iPhone.
Coolest Feature: Use the Apple Watch’s walkie-talkie feature to quickly get in touch with another Apple Watch user.
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Some would argue that the AirPods are the most logical companions for the iPhone, but we beg to differ because we feel it’s the Apple Watch. Quite simply, it’s an extension for the iPhone — offering notifications on your wrist, health tracking, and much more.

With the new Apple Watch Series 8, we love how it can be personalized in every way possible. You’ll find the perfect band and watch face to complement your taste, while its new temperature sensor can do such things as monitor menstrual cycles for women. Of course, it has many other life saving features, including crash detection, emergency SOS, and more.

For the fitness lover in your life, it has everything you need from its water-resistant construction, all the way to the various sensors that can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen level.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Outdoor enthusiasts that want precise location tracking. Divers that go explore the depths of the ocean.
Coolest Feature: It has the brightest display in any Apple Watch with a peak brightness output of 2,000 nits, making it visible in just about any condition.
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In 2022, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra — its most ambitious wearable to date. Really, it’s for the adventurer in your life because it was designed to handle the most extreme situations.

With its dual-frequency GPS, the Apple Watch Ultra provides the most accurate location tracking if you’re into marathon running, hiking in the great outdoors, or simply taking a casual stroll around the park. Ocean divers will also be astounded by its ability to work 40 meters under water, while its extra-large digital crown offers ease of use navigating around the smartwatch.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Everyone in the family, whether it’s for work, play, or homework. 
Coolest Feature: Amazingly, it measures in at an unbelievable 11.5mm, making it one of the slimmest desktops around.

The best desktop computers don’t need to be bulky or take up a ton of space. We love the Apple iMac 24-inch for the fact that it’s one svelt looking all-in-one desktop that looks good and perform flawlessly. Apple’s excellence in design is in full showcase with the iMac because it fashions all the hardware into a clean, industrial design that’s available in many colors.

Whether it’s a parent working from home, to kids doing research for a project, the Apple iMac’s 24-inch 4.5K Retina Display is enough for running multiple apps, watching videos, and scrolling through web sites with ease. It’s powered by Apple’s M1 chip, so you know it can handle even the most processor intensive tasks thrown at it.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Who’s It For: Binge watchers that need access to the best streaming services on their TV.
Coolest Feature: Pair two Apple HomePod mini speakers for stereo sound for all your favorite video content.

The Apple TV 4K may be small in stature, but it’s big at bringing friends and family together with the power of streaming. Not only do we love how we can watch all of our favorite shows, as well as access to Siri through the included remote, but the Apple TV 4K pairs nicely with other HomeKit compatible gadgets.

For example, we loved using the Logitech Circle View camera to instantly see a live view of the camera on out TV. We also love the superior audio performance it offers when watching action packed movies with the help of two HomePod mini speakers for stereo audio.

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