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You’re Running Out of Time To Shop the Best Cyber Monday TV Deals of 2022 — Save Up To $1,500

Looking for the best Cyber Monday deals on TVs? Then be sure to check out the deals below, as we’ll be regularly updating this post as new deals go online.

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping event is officially here, and, as always, some of the very best deals are on smart TVs. Whether you want to catch the rest of the World Cup on a bigger screen or you want to watch The Holiday in the highest resolution possible, there are plenty of excellent Cyber Monday TV deals left to make that happen.

This year, the best Cyber Monday deals on TVs are going quickly. Walmart opened its Cyber Monday sale on Sunday night, and a too-good-to-be-true deal on the TCL 4-Series sold out in under two hours. We’re also seeing low inventory on many popular budget smart TVs from Amazon, Insignia, Toshiba and Hisense. So if you do find a TV that catches your eye, don’t wait too long to smash that “Add To Cart” button.

If you’re looking for Cyber Monday deals on OLED TVs and other premium models, then you have a wider selection to choose from, although the discounts aren’t quite as good. However, we have found some impressive discounts on LG OLED TVs, premium Samsung QLED TVs and Sony’s most popular TVs.

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To help you find the perfect new TV for your home entertainment system, we’ve gathered all of the best Cyber Monday TV deals of 2022 into one place. Keep checking back, as we’ll add new deals as they go online.

The Top Cyber Monday TV Deals of 2022

Courtesy of Walmart
#1 Best Seller

$1696.99 $3786.30 55% off

Buy Now at walmart

For three years in a row, we’ve named an LG OLED TV the best TV in the world, and this year, we think the popular C2 Series is the best TV for the money. Unlike the LG G2 OLED EVO featured below, this TV can be wall-mounted or sit on your entertainment stand, making it a more versatile pick. Right now, it’s on sale at both Walmart and Amazon, although we don’t expect this Cyber Monday TV deal to last much longer.

Courtesy of Amazon
best Fire TV DEAL

$329.99 $519.99 37% off

Buy Now On Amazon

There aren’t as many Cyber Monday deals on TVs at Amazon as usual in 2022, and most of the deals cover premium OLED models. However, the recently-released FIre TV 4-Series is on sale, and it’s a worthy TV set packed with smart features.

best samsung TV DEAL

$1,797.99 $2,997.99 40% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Samsung’s first-ever OLED TV, the stunning S95B, is the centerpiece of Samsung’s Cyber Monday sale, which ends soon. This TV proved that Samsung could make OLED screens that are just as impressive as Sony and LG, and for Cyber Monday, this TV is $1,000 off for shoppers who act quickly. We recently dubbed this one of the top TVs of 2022, and it’s a smart investment if your TV needs an upgrade.


$899.99 $1399.99 36% off

Buy Now on best buy

When SPY reviewed the Hisense U8H TV earlier this year, we called it the king of budget premium TVs. In short, if you’re looking for the best TV under $1,000, this is it. The U8H offers most of what you want in the best TVs of 2022 but at half the price. The U8H delivers surprisingly bright imagery and is a superb choice for gaming. The Google TV interface is easy to navigate and creates customized recommendations based on your favorite shows.

Courtesy of Walmart
also consider

$499.99 $799.99 38% off

Buy Now on best buy

If the Hisense U8H is out of your price range, then also consider the excellent Hisense U6H Smart TV, which has also been tested by SPY. A recent winner in the SPY Smart Home Awards, it’s a phenomenal budget TV. For anyone searching for the top Best Buy Cyber Monday TV deals, don’t miss these Hisense TV discounts.

Courtesy of Amazon.
ultra-thin TV

$997.99 $1,497.99 33% off

Buy Now On Amazon

$999.99 $1499.99 33% off

Buy Now on samsung

Samsung’s famous The Frame series sits on your wall like a work of art, and it’s the kind of innovative products that will make you rethink how we use TVs in our homes. It’s also one of the best Cyber Monday TV deals of 2022, and the 55-inch version is especially attractive with a $500 discount. Both Amazon and Samsung have discounted this TV for a limited time.

Courtesy of Amazon
new price drop

It’s no secret that LG makes some of the best TVs, and the new G2 TV was recently included in our roundup of the best 65″ TVs. This impressive TV features LG’s best Evo panel, so if you’re looking for the brightest OLED screen from LG, this is it. It’s one of the best TVs on the market, and also one of the best deals to take advantage of during Cyber Monday.

As part of LG’s Gallery series, this TV was made with your home in mind. The TV has an extra thin screen to sit closer to the wall, so it’ll add to, not detract from, your home’s interior. Since we originally wrote about this deal, the price has gone even lower to just $2096, making this a rare discount on a 2022 model TV.

best 65-inch under $500

$378.00 $499.99 24% off

Buy Now

We previously named the TCL 4-Series the best 65-inch TV under $500, and it’s a smart choice for a budget TV. While you’ll lose out on sound and refresh rate, you won’t find a lower-priced 65-inch TV that’s worth buying anywhere. (And believe us when we say that we’ve looked.)

$399.99 $509.99 22% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Amazon is never shy about rolling out massive TV deals, especially during the holiday shopping season. The SPY-tested Fire TV Omni Series boasts a stunning 4K screen and has a Fire TV Alexa voice remote so you can navigate entertainment using just your voice.

It’s perfect for accessing all your favorite movies and TV shows on a variety of streaming platforms from Netflix to Prime Video, Disney+ and more, and it’s got Alexa skills and smart home capabilities as well. If you’re a fan of Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem, then this TV will be intuitive to use.

Courtesy of Amazon.

Picture quality is paramount for TVs, but Sony knows audio quality is key, too. It’s no surprise from the brand that’s consistently delivered in the audio department. Sony’s XR TV uses Acoustic Surface Audio+, turning the center of the screen into the speaker. That means the sound more closely matches the picture.

As for the picture, Sony’s Cognitive Processer XR brings out the best possible picture quality. XR Triluminous Pro brings out vibrant colors, while XR OLED Contrast Pro delivers true blacks and a bright picture. This is one of the year’s best Cyber Monday deals on OLED TVs; currently both 65-inch and 55-inch models are discounted by as much as 43%.

$199.99 $349.99 43% off

Buy Now On Amazon

TCL continues to deliver in the budget TV department. If you want a no-frills smart TV, this is one of your best bets. At 1080p, you’re not getting the top of the line 4K or 8K picture quality, but it’s still a great bet for everyday users. The already wallet-friendly pick is less than $200 for Black Friday. This TCL TV comes with Roku built in, so you can quickly and easily find original content.

Courtesy of Amazon

$1599.99 $2299.99 30% off

Buy Now On Samsung

$1599.99 $2299.99 30% off

Buy Now on best buy

When we reviewed Samsung’s QN90B, we called it the best overall QLED TV to buy in 2022, and we’re seeing some great Cyber Monday discounts on the TV. While Samsung’s all-new Neo QLED tech producing over 1 billion colors and incredible 4K resolution may be slightly north of many budgets, it’s exactly the kind of high-end TV people look to Black Friday deals to make accessible. And Samsung usually delivers on those hopes. The 65″ model of this TV is $400 off right now.

Courtesy of Amazon
Only $99

$99.99 $179.99 44% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Looking for a cheap TV for your kitchen or bedroom? Then consider this absurdly affordable Insignia TV. New for 2022, this 32-inch TV is jusst $99 for Cyber Monday.

best buy tv deal

$569.99 $1299.99 56% off

Buy Now

Searching for the best Cyber Monday TV deals at Best Buy? Then check out this deal on LG’s new OLED TVwith Best Buy knocking over $700 off the list price. The 48″ TV has an OLED display with rich color and contrast. Plus, cloud gaming allows you to play directly from your TV, and built-in Alexa and Google Home make it easy to find your favorite content.

Courtesy of Amazon.

For 2022, Samsung upgraded its Q60 TV with the Q60B. The Q60B is ultra slim to sit flush with the wall when mounting. And this new TV allows you to play XBOX games, even without an XBOX. It’s an impressive step forward in streamlining your home TV setup.

And if you’re buying this TV for, well, TV, the Q60B will more than have you covered. The Smart TV’s voice assistant makes it easy to find your favorite content, and the Quantum processor upscales content to 4K.