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Marvel-ous Merch: The 9 Best Gifts For Black Panther Fans

* Marvel’s Black Panther nominated for “Best Picture” Oscar
* Black Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four issue #52 way back in July of 1966
* Show your Wakanda pride with these gifts

Marvel’s latest superhero made his solo big screen debut last year and the film was a certified hit. Now nominated for seven Academy Awards, Black Panther has brought King T’Challa and Wakanda to the masses and in a big way. With Oscar night approaching it’s time to grab a few goodies to celebrate the film.

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Now, finding the right merch would seem like a simple task given the marketing machine behind Marvel properties but there’s quite a lot to sift through given the marketing machine behind Marvel. Go figure.

So we’ve gone ahead and cherry-picked some of the best stuff out there just for you.

1. Funko POP! Black Panther Keychain

Take Black Panther with you everywhere you go with this pint-sized keychain of the King T’Challa clad in his suit of armor.

2. Funko POP! Black Panther Vinyl Figures

Not everyone loves the protagonist, which is why Funko POP!’s set of vinyl figures (sold individually) is so attractive. Pick between Black Panther, Black Panther in Warrior Falls grab, Erik “the bad guy” Killmonger, Princess Shuri, and Dora Milaje operative, Nakia.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]

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3. Black Panther Claw Pendant Necklace

Inspired by T’Challa’s suit of black armor and cat-like qualities comes this stainless steel double claw pendant necklace. The lariat style necklace hangs on a 30-inch chain with claws coated in black PVD. Comes with a black and Marvel-red gift box for easy presentation.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]

4. Black Panther Ceramic Mug

Do you like your coffee black? Would you like it even more in a ceramic mug of Black Panther’s helmet?


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5. Black Panther Oversized Logo T-Shirt

Featuring an oversized print of Black Panther in jet black, this monochrome black tee is a low-key way to nerd out without arousing any suspicion.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

6. LEGO Black Panther Pursuit 76047

This hard-to-find set from LEGO features not only Black Panther and his jet, but also Captain America and Winter Soldier on their respective modes of transport. Grab it now before it sells out on Amazon, too.

7. Black Panther Life Size Cardboard Standup

Super fans of this superhero deserve a life-sized cardboard cutout of Black Panther in all his glory, like this one.


8. Black Panther Sneakers

They may not have the sound-proof, undetectable qualities of Shuri’s “sneakers” (get it?) from the film, but these black and gray high-tops do feature a super comfortable lightweight construction, and a super earth-friendly vegan leather material. The shoes are unisex. A size 8 men’s will fit a size 10 in women’s, etc.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]

9. Black Panther Zip-Up Hoodie

It may look like any other black zip-up hoodie but this one from ThinkGeek features faux leather sleeves and kangaroo pouch, as well as glossy black prints of a panther head across the back and chest.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]

The 10 Best Gifts For Marvel Fans

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