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If You Listen to Music With an Aux Cord in Your Car, You Need This Game-Changing Device

* Tiny device makes any car instantly Bluetooth-compatible
* Provides up to 10 continuous hours of playtime on a single charge

* Sync two devices simultaneously to take calls, listen to music and more

Now that newer cars have all but done away with CD consoles, you’ve likely noticed a new trend emerging: Bluetooth streaming. Unfortunately, while your phone may be Bluetooth-compatible, older cars may not be. That’s why this little device is so amazing. Because it’s able to give any old car instant Bluetooth connectivity, you can turn your old hooptie into a hot ride.

This tiny receiver lets you connect two Bluetooth devices at once. That means you can take hands-free calls as you’re driving while your friend in the front seat can stream their favorite tunes. Built-in audio settings let you adjust the volume, skip tracks, pause, play and more. You can even call on Siri with the simple touch of a button.

Even more impressive is the battery life. Great for long trips, this tiny receiver is able to provide up to 10 continuous hours of power. It also offers up to 200 hours on standby. There’s even a built-in microphone so you won’t have to worry about your caller having a hard time hearing you.

Already have Bluetooth in your car? You can also plug this receiver into your home speakers to instantly give them a Bluetooth boost. That means you can stream your favorite tunes on your home audio setup without having to go through an external aux. You can even connect this receiver to your regular pair of headphones. How about that for versatility?