Upgrade Your Vinyl Listening Experience With These Bluetooth Record Players

best bluetooth record players
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Believe it or not, record sales are at an all-time high — whether it’s due to their cool aesthetic or superior sound quality, records are a fantastic way to revive old favorites and discover new ones. And thanks in part to the vinyl revival, turntables aren’t as expensive as they used to be, but it can be difficult to determine which players are not only worth investing in, but also how they’ll work once you have them. With the rise of Bluetooth among all of our devices, it was only a matter of time before that trend hit record players as well.

Gone are the days of worrying and fussing over audio cables, as these players can connect to your portable speakers, AirPods, or any other Bluetooth device you can imagine. Set up is easy and breezy, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on what matters most: listening to your favorite album. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best Bluetooth record players on the market — check them out below.


1. Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth Record Player


We loved this record player so much that we wrote an entire review dedicated to this product and named it one of the top Christmas gifts of the year. While you should absolutely go and read our full review, the tl;dr version of it is this: Sony’s player is an extremely versatile and well-constructed Bluetooth record player that will fit seamlessly into your existing audio setup, whatever it may be. Already have high-quality speakers? Slot this in with no issue. Looking to invest in a quality amp at some point? There’s a setting for that. Want to just connect it to your AirPods? You’re good. We really can’t recommend it enough. It more than earns its reputation as the best Bluetooth record player available today.

best bluetooth record players: Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of Amazon

2. Audio-Technica LP60XBT Bluetooth Record Player


Starting with this Audio Technica is where these players begin to enter into a more serious level of commitment and quality. By investing more into the hardware, you’re rewarded with an overall better experience (i.e., better quality parts and construction, which leads to a better quality sound). Few companies can match the level of expertise that Audio Technica puts into their products. The LP60XBT is basically an upgraded version of the brand’s standard player. The fully automatic functionality means you don’t have to worry about placing the needle in the perfect spot, as the unit moves the needle automatically over for you. If you’ve had a suitcase player for a while now and are ready for something better, start here. Keep in mind that this record player is hard to find right now, and it goes in and out of stock on sites like Amazon. If you find it for sale, we suggest buying it quickly, because first come, first serve!

Audio-Technica LP60XBT Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of Amazon


3. ION Audio Air Bluetooth Record Player


With its distinctive dust cover, ION Audio’s Air Bluetooth record player certainly lives up to the ‘air’ portion of its name, as it allows you to transmit playback to any Bluetooth set of headphones or speakers. However, if you’d rather just directly inject a headphone cord, there’s a dedicated plug for you to do so. Plus, as a value-add, you can convert old vinyl to MP3 courtesy of its USB connection. The ION Audio Air is also available in a classic wood finish, and both versions are on sale for the holidays.

ION Audio Air Bluetooth Record Player Amazon

4. 1byone Belt-Drive Turntable with Wireless Connectivity


For those who want something better than the Audio Technia but aren’t willing to take the jump on the Sony player, this unit from 1byone straddles the line nicely. In fact, this unit is basically a hybrid between the two, as it’s built similar in style to the Sony player while using Audio Technica components (specifically a stylus to ensure better quality sound). Additionally, the player is capable of encoding your vinyl to a computer via USB, which means you can make digital copies instantly. And, of course, it’s completely Bluetooth-ready.

1byone Belt Drive Turntable with Wireless Connectivity Courtesy of Amazon


5. Cambridge Audio Alva TT Direct Drive Turntable with Bluetooth APTX HD


This turntable from Cambridge Audio is a great option for those looking for an audiophile experience combined with the convenience of Bluetooth. While certainly not cheap, it delivers both looks and performance. It features a built-in phono preamp, so you can have a minimalist setup. It streams Bluetooth APTX for premium sound quality. This turntable utilizes a direct drive, rather than a belt drive.

best bluetooth record players: Cambridge Audio Alva TT Direct Drive Turntable with Bluetooth APTX HD Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Pro-Ject T1 BT Turntable with Built-in Preamp and Bluetooth Transmitter


Pro-Ject walks the line between beginner and audiophile, both in terms of performance and price. They’re not cheap, but you won’t faint from sticker shock. They’re also beautiful looking, so they’ll be a welcome addition to any setup. The exposed belt drive and thin build give it a sleek look, and it’s available in black, white or walnut. The built-in phono preamp and Bluetooth transmitter make it easy to have a nearly cordless setup.

bluetooth turntable - Pro-Ject T1 BT Turntable with Built-in Preamp and Bluetooth Transmitter Image Courtesy of Amazon

7. Audio-Technica UO Exclusive LP60X-BT Bluetooth Record Player


This option from Audio-Technica is the same as the other LP60X on this list, save for the unique coppery rose colorway. It’s an Urban Outfitters exclusive, so you won’t find one like this everywhere. This belt-driven turntable has a built-in phono preamp and Bluetooth so you can quickly connect it to your stereo system. The preamp is switchable, making it a versatile option for different kinds of setups.

bluetooth turntable, best bluetooth record player Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

8. Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player


While most are looking to bring it back a notch in terms of aesthetics when it comes to buying a new record player, some may be looking for something wildly unique. If that’s you, well, do we have something for you. The Fuse Vert vertical record player plays your records vertically instead of flat down. The design blends both a vintage exterior with a modern idea to play your records in a way you never thought possible. This will impress your friends and family not only with your music taste but also how you play it.

Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player Courtesy of Amazon


9. Victrola Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player


For those looking to get into record players in general, the Victrola Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player is smartly priced to be a great entry-level unit. As evidenced by its namesake, it collapses to a suitcase for easy portability. The player itself has built-in stereo speakers and audio-out jacks if you want to spring for an upgrade. Most importantly, it comes in a cornucopia of color assortments, so there’s a shade for everyone. It’s important to note that this player has a Bluetooth receiver, but not a Bluetooth transmitter — you can play audio from your phone to this player, but you can’t play a record to a Bluetooth speaker, for example. 

Victrola Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Pro-Ject VT-E Bluetooth Record Player


With its unique vertical design, Pro-Ject’s VT-E Bluetooth record player immediately sets itself apart. Due to its innovative design, it can be placed on a flat surface or even wall-mounted while your record spins. And thanks to its Bluetooth transmitter, you can customize your audio setup exactly how you like it. Personally, we like the idea of wall-mounting this record player in the living room and then carrying your Bluetooth speaker into the kitchen to listen while you prep dinner — but the options are nearly endless. While it doesn’t outrank our other picks in terms of sound quality, thanks to its innovative design, this turntable earns its place next to Sony, Audio-Technica and Victrola on our list of the best Bluetooth record players.

Pro-Ject VT-E Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of Amazon


11. Crosley Fawn Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player


Crosley has an entire line of retro-inspired Bluetooth record players; however, we would actually recommend their Fawn Cruiser portable record player, available exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Like the brand’s other suitcase record players, this machine is stylish and portable. However, the Crosley Fawn Cruiser gets an upgrade with a vintage carrying case.

While this is more of an entry-level record player than a premium product, it’s still got everything you need for a solid vinyl record listening experience. This record player comes with three speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78). In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, it also comes with built-in stereo speakers, a headphone jack and RCA audio output. With its snazzy tan yellow case, carrying handle and relatively lightweight, this vintage turntable isn’t just highly portable, it’s also one of the best Bluetooth record players under $100. Like other options with built-in speakers, the Bluetooth allows you to stream to the player, but not from it. 

Crosley Fawn Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


12. HYM Originals Duo Turntable with Detachable Bluetooth Speaker


There are several advantages of this turntable, but by far the most notable thing about it is how it looks. The player doesn’t have a traditional platter — instead, the record sits on a narrow spindle with the edges of the record protruding beyond the edge of the player. A Bluetooth speaker is included, which can be removed from the body and taken on the go. It’s available in different colors, including this unique orange option.

bluetooth turntable Image Courtesy of Amazon

13. TRNTBL Bluetooth Record Player


TRNTBL is the first physical product from record subscription service VNYL, which we recently tested and enjoyed, and the company knows a thing or two about quality sound. What makes TRNTBL special is that the player, outside of a power cord, is completely wireless. Yes, that’s right, there’s no need to hassle with speaker cords or audio inputs whatsoever. Instead, this record player will connect to any Bluetooth, Sonos or WiFi-based speakers to provide big, clear sound. The company sells the player with an included Sonos speaker if that’s the route you’d prefer to go, or you can connect to existing Bluetooth devices.

The other thing that’s neat for audiophiles is that the player actively realizes what song is being played and automatically adds it to your Spotify account, providing instant digitization of your physical media for when you’re away from your player. Oh, and it comes in a variety of cool, unique colors. In terms of design, this is one of the best combinations of modern minimalism and retro flair.

The only reason we didn’t rate it higher? The price may give anyone but committed audiophiles pause. Additionally, since this thing is so popular, the only color currently available exists solely in rose petal pink, which may not be your jam. Nonetheless, it’s still a gorgeous color.

Editor’s Note: As of December 7, TRNTBL record players were sold out. We’ll update this listing as soon as more become available.

TRNTBL Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of TRNTBL


14. LuguLake Record Player Retro Turntable


Bring it back a couple of years, or maybe, like, hundreds of years with a record player that will have you forgetting TVs and smartphones exist. This record player from LuguLake is as retro as it gets, featuring the OG horn all record players used to have to blast sound throughout interior spaces. Experience a more vintage, rich sound that will bring your tone your tunes down a few notches in the best way possible. Unlike the olden days, this record player can also connect to USB, aux and play AM/FM radio.

LuguLake Record Player Retro Turntable Courtesy of Amazon


15. Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Stand with 3-Speed Turntable


If you want to really make a statement with your Bluetooth record player, this standing player from Victrola is a great bet. With its included speaker, you can play records out of this dedicated port or stream music directly from your iPhone or MP3 device using Bluetooth. Additionally, the standing player will make a striking and attention-grabbing piece in your home, adding a bit of vintage-inspired sophistication. This player has a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter, so you can play music from your phone to the built-in speakers, but can’t pair this with other speakers. 

Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Stand with 3-Speed Turntable Courtesy of Victrola


16. Crosley C62 Bluetooth Record Player


If you’re in the market for an all-in-one solution, the Crosley C62 Bluetooth record player should be at the top of your list. A great value for those who don’t want to speed the time researching speakers, this turntable has everything you need — right out of the box. Furthermore, its Bluetooth capability means you can still listen over a set of headphones if you’d like. 

Crosley C62 Bluetooth Record Player Courtesy of Amazon


Also Consider: TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver


If you have a functional non-Bluetooth turntable but you want to upgrade it, this transmitter lets you turn different devices into Bluetooth transmitting or receiving devices. That means that you can turn your regular turntable into one that connects via Bluetooth to a speaker system. It comes with a 3.5mm jack and 2 RCA male cables, allowing you to plug into different kinds of systems.

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver Image Courtesy of Amazon

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