Style Meets Functionality With 6 of the Best Bluetooth Sunglasses Around

best bluetooth audio sunglasses
Courtesy of Bose
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As much as we all love our Bluetooth earbuds and our slick sunglasses, wouldn’t it be easier if there was a way to combine them both into a single package? Your prayers have been answered, as brands have started to find new ways to incorporate the latest and greatest audio technology into sunglasses.

Now you can take your tunes with you without having to fuss about whether or not your headphones will stay in place with Bluetooth sunglasses. No need to worry about broadcasting your tunes for everyone to hear either, as the speakers in most of these shades are located directly above your ears where they’ll gently radiate the music for your ears onlywithout distributing others around you.

But Bluetooth sunglasses aren’t just for audio, there are plenty of great video options as well for when you want to ensure you can record that really cool moment or experience from a first person perspective. Perfect for any outdoor activity (the beach, hiking, outdoor exercise), we have a feeling you’ll soon be reaching for these time and time again, wondering how you lived without them.

1. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses


Bose is one of the best audio manufacturers in the world, so it makes complete sense that they’re the ones to beat when it comes to Bluetooth audio shades. What we love about this design is that the audio produced is barely audible to any one other than the wearer. As mentioned, tiny speakers are included in the in the back stems of the glasses closest to ear for subtlety. As with all of their products, the audio quality is great, but we’re also really happy with the quality of the sunglasses too; they’re shatter and scratch resistant, which is a better level of protection than most fashion-oriented frames. Furthermore, the shades themselves come in both a wayfarer and rounded style, so there’s something to fit a majority of face styles. Discreet, stylish, and quality? That’s a triple threat if we’ve ever heard of one.

bose frames audio sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

2. Amener Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


If you’re looking to figure out whether or not Bluetooth audio sunglasses are for you, this pair for Amener is an excellent starting point. With actual, attached earbuds, cutting down on ambient noise and giving you the music and podcasts you want directly in your ears, these are a great pair for those who appreciate privacy. Additionally, the trendy aviator-style frames will pair well with every outfit you have, with lenses that are polarized for added sun protection. With battery life that will last for five hours of constant playback, they’re great option to keep on you while you’re out and about on a weekend excursion.

amener bluetooth sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

3. GoVision Kaleo Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


Looking to spend a little more on a pair of Bluetooth audio sunglasses, but don’t want to break your bank? GoVision’s Kaleo Bluetooth audio sunglasses are a great option for a mid-level pair. They don’t skip on features either: water/sweat resistant, one button operation to activate Siri or Google Assistant, UV400 polarized lens and even a built-in microphone to take and make calls. Lightweight, with a trendy frame style, there’s plenty here to get excited about.

govision kaleo bluetooth audio sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon



4. OhO Sunshines Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


With a frame that’s similar to classic Oakley shades that were ubiquitous in the 90s (shoutouts to T-Pain), the OhO Sunshine Bluetooth audio sunglasses are a sportier look than the other frames we’ve featured thus far. The wraparound-style frames lend themselves well to running and cycling, as well as other activities. As with other shades we’ve featured, there’s a built-in microphone to let you take calls or activate a voice assistant. The polarized lens protection will help if you’re out hitting the pavement hard and will sit comfortably on your face for extended use.

oho sunshine bluetooth audio sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

5. Marsboy Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


Marsboy’s Bluetooth audio sunglasses are our hands-down pick for most stylish frames. That classic wayfarer style is present once again, but it’s the little details here that set it apart, namely the notched bridge which gives a subtle design flourish that lets you know they’ll cooler than you’re typical pair. Additionally, the shades come in three different colors, each one more vibrant than the next, so there’s plenty of options to ensure they pair well with the rest of your wardrobe. Boasting an impressive 6-8 hours of playtime between charges, they’re also IP55 sweat resistant for those brutal summer days. The other small detail we like is the three button interior control that allows for full audio control, including volume, playback and assistant wake-up.

marsboy bluetooth audio frames Courtesy of Amazon

6. Snapchat Spectacles 2 Bluetooth Video Sunglasses


Made for more than just sharing videos to Snapchat, the new and improved version of the Spectacles look significantly less garish than the previous edition. All the great features that made the initial Spectacles such a hot ticket item are still present here, albeit in a more subtleand stylishpackage: Press a button to record a video and press again to keep recording. From there, they’ll sync over Bluetooth where you can share the videos in an instant to a variety of platforms including YouTube, Twitter, iMessage and yes, even Snapchat. With polarized lens and water resistance, they’re certainly built for the elements. It’s a compelling package, made even better.

Snapchat Spectacles 2 Bluetooth Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon